MCC Moderation In Action:

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MCC Moderation In Action: by Mind Map: MCC Moderation  In Action:

1. Moderation Items: The kinds of things we take action on.

1.1. Spam

1.1.1. Delet. No need to message.

1.2. Advertising/promotion

1.2.1. Delete. Optional: Message link to donation pages if there’s good reason to do so. Most often there’s no reason

1.3. PSAs

1.3.1. Unsolicited PSAs are to be deleted. No need to message. Comments that include PSA like content are okay if relating to needs expressed. Not okay if the content is alarming for the sake of alarming the mama, okay if she asked for more info on a topic.

1.4. Arguments and debates

1.4.1. Blatant unsolicited advice/judgmental content we may delete comments that are blatantly unkind or ignore the needs expressed by the OP. We might do so pre-emptively, or as a result of a request from the OP. Sometimes we delete comments that dish medical diagnosis or medical instructions. (less often these days, since the relaxation of guidelines) Business bashing: see Ithaca issues

1.4.2. nip as soon as possible. sometimes a den mama reminder will do, other times pausing comments or deleting is the way to go, depending on the content and the needs expressed by the OP.

1.5. Medical/legal issues

1.5.1. After 8 years of keeping the safe space we have learned that our mamas want to and need to discuss medical and legal issues. instead of dedicating endless moderation energy to this problem, we've worked with the legal and insurance team of our fiscal sponsor CTA to generate disclaimers that protect MCC and transfer the onus for vetting the information from the moderators to the posting and commenting members. We discourage using MCC for any diagnostic reasons, but we do let our members make suggestions that include treatment options as long as those are phrased as telling a story rather than giving instructions. The only instructions that are welcome are ones that encourage the OP to seek a doctor or go to the ER.

1.6. Out of bound topics

1.6.1. Posts and most that are about vaccinations or circumcision should be deleted. Sometimes, if a comment mentions these things as background and is not likely to start a debate, it’s okay to just watch it. It’s most often a good idea to message folks with a screenshot of the relevant part of our guidelines.

1.7. Confidentiality issues

1.7.1. folks can tell their own story but they are expected to use the anonymous post option for stories that involve other community members. this is recommended in all cases, including spousal conflicts. when we see a post that gives us pause, we copy the text, delete the post, and either repost as an anonymous post immediately (good if there are no comments yet) or contact the OP. it can be tricky to enforce, but can prevent further damage.

1.8. Flaunting privilege

1.8.1. If the OP is using the posting structure, just watch. If the flaunting is acute, consider asking op to revise.

1.9. Man bashing

1.9.1. This is a tender one. We try to walk the line between allowing healthy venting and avoiding fanning the war between the sexes. Bring post or comment in for discussion in the field.

1.9.2. Quick Action delete or report to admin as soon as possible: spam, inflammatory content, PSAs, vaccine/ circumcision convos.

2. Field Communications

2.1. It’s often easiest to share screenshots. Sometimes it’s helpful to bring in text via copy and paste. The most helpful but hardest to do from a phone is to import the permalink to a post, so moderators can click the link and get to the relevant post quickly. All of these methods are acceptable, do what works for you.

2.2. Importing moderation items:

2.3. Encouraging conversation

2.3.1. Please feel free to share your thoughts, concerns, and confusions. There are no stupid questions. If you are concerned about something please say something.

2.3.2. Stating your boundaries We encourage you to be selective about moderation. Do not subject yourself to moderation situations that drain you. It’s absolutely okay to bring a moderation item into the Field, and handing it to the team and than wash your hands off it. Common reasons might be that you know the OP IRL, or that you are triggered by the subject, or that you are just not up for it. In such cases please tag the Go To Den Mama of the Day, and/or anyone else who you know might be comfortable with the subject. Memes and Link Dumping

2.3.3. Conversations about specific moderation items will often illustrate matters of policy. It is therefore common to start a conversation in the Field and then move it into the Den for a proper policy conversation.

2.4. Tagging the Go To Den Mama of the Day

2.4.1. Until you get admin rights you will need to tag someone else to take moderation action. start with the GTDM. if you see others are active in the Field you can tag them too.

3. Moderation Actions: The kinds of things we do.

3.1. Reminders/clarifications

3.1.1. Asking for needs/wants: When a post doesn't state a need clearly, it is often a good idea to post a loving comment asking for need/want clarity: "how can we best support you? what would be helpful?" and the likes. (tends to work well to post as yourself, no need to use the page avatar.)

3.1.2. Asking an OP if she's open to PMs: often done when a post is medical/legal, or of sensitive nature. sometimes done before we turn off commenting for a post.

3.1.3. Standalone reminders: when we see that certain mcc guidelines are being ignored, we often post a standalone reminder. We have several graphics that do this well, but sometimes we just use text.

3.1.4. Keeping comments on track: Reminding commenters to do one or more of the following: 1. stay clear of medical diagnsostics/ treatments 2. Stay kind and avoid imposing their values on the OP 3. To stick to the needs expressed.

3.1.5. Messaging to check in with the OP If a post is getting comments that veer away from the needs expressed, a DM will often message the OP to check in with her about how she feels about the support she's getting. sometimes this leads to a Den mama reminder on the post, other times it can lead to turning off commenting. We often delete comments the OP finds hurtful .

3.1.6. When to enforce posting structure The posting structure is a recommendation, not a requirment. we Might ask the OP to edit, it or repost with PT if a post is triggering. otherwise we often let it slide.

3.1.7. Pausing comments What/When: We pause comments when we feel that a post is going down a wrong path. Usually because the comments are not supportive or the discussion is becoming too medical. What to do: 1. If possible, select the "post as the page" option. If that's not an option proceed as yourself 2. Start your comment with "Den Mama here" then explain lovingly why the comments are being paused. Tag the OP and let her know that she can message the MCC page if she'd like us to turn comments back on. Let her know she can still edit her status and comments to ask for PMs or add anything else, even after we paused the comments.

3.2. Reposting/Moving posts

3.2.1. to specialty threads In the Ithaca chapter, we often move standalone childcare or buy/sell posts to the relevant specialty thread. the easiest way to do this is to post a screenshot of the floating post into a comment in the correct thread, and tagging the OP, then deleting the floating post.

3.2.2. reposting with PT When triggering content is posted without a PT, we sometimes choose to repost it with the PT in place. we do that by starting a post with : PT (repost for: tag OP) Then copy and paste the text or a screenshot of the original post into the first comment.

3.2.3. between groups when a practical ithaca question is asked in the international group we will transfer it to the ithaca chapter. if it has a bunch of responses it makes sense to use screenshots to capture the info and either send it to the OP or include them in the comments of the reposted thread in the ithaca group.

3.3. Deleting things

3.3.1. Deleting posts We delete posts that use MCC for spam and advertising, PSAs, and posts that discuss out of bound topics. Please delete such posts (or report them) on sight.

3.3.2. Deleting comments we may delete comments that are blatantly unkind or ignore the needs expressed by the OP. We might do so pre-emptively, or as a result of a request from the OP. Sometimes we delete comments that dish medical diagnosis or medical instructions. (less often these days, since the relaxation of guidelines)

3.3.3. Messaging about deletion We don't owe members and explanation on deleting, but sometimes it's a good idea to do so. the rule of thumb is to message in order to preserve comfort and avoid inflicting hurt. often we message in order to explain how a post should be reworded so it is okay to post. Sharing deleted content with members: If a post gets deleted after it has content in the comments, we usually share screen shots of the content with the OP when we message her. This way she still has access to support comments and their content. This is often much appreciated.

3.3.4. Undoing deletion relatively new option. available in moderation tools. this means we can always undelete if we decide that's a better course of action, or to harvest content for sharing with the OP. yay for the ability to undo! Allowing FB to share removal comments with members: this is a handy new feature, which automatically shares the moderators comments with the person who wrote the post/comment. easier to use in groups that have the rules feature enabled. (so far we have that in the main group, but the ithaca group rules need to be created). Using FB Features that show up when deleting things Turning on post approval for a member: good with members that tend to be repeat offenders. this is a new feature, and we haven't used it at MCC yet, but it might come in handy. Muting a member for a defined period: Can be used to avoid group stream moderation bashing such as cries of censorship, and righteous PSA reposts. we haven't done this yet. Removing/blocking users:, and includes the option of removing all posts by user. We hardly ever resort to this. Removing a member is a team decision that requires conversations in the field and the Den before we will taking this step. It makes sense to use this swiftly in the case of spam accounts, but in the case of real humans we have a real discussion.

3.4. New Topic

4. Moderation Considerations:

4.1. Conserving moderation energy

4.1.1. Avoiding over moderation of practical or medical posts. If people say stoopid things about sunscreen or bug spray or essential oils, it's not our responsibility to correct them. it is the responsibility of the readers to vet the information they gather at MCC. If we are concerned about information being misleading, rather than deleting comments (which can get the commenter on their hind legs starting defensive debates) we recommend just posting a comment with a Den Mama reminder about vetting all crowd sourced info with the appropriate professionals or their own research.

4.1.2. Preventing escalation it's better to pause comments sooner rather than later, it can always be reversed. its a good idea to act fast on confidentiality concerns. remembers that deletions can be undone, and in some cases deleting something quickly, then having a Field conversation and then undeleting (perhaps with a Den Mama reminder or a request that the op edits her post) is much better than letting a problem stay and fester or attract lots of unhelpful comments.

4.1.3. Watch/Letting things float downstream when a post is well meaning, follows the posting structure, and is about a parenting issue that is borderline judgmental, it might be a good idea to just watch it but not act until there is something that's really a problem. Figuring out the balance between watching/letting things go and when to prevent escalation is an art, field conversations are helpful in ascertaining this.

4.2. Avoiding tone policing

4.2.1. We are working to keep a group culture of kindness, therefore we read posts and comments carefully. Since we can’t hear the writer, it is easy to misinterpret meaning or attitude. In the past, we used to moderate comments that felt a bit “off”, and that turned out to cause much stress to well meaning commenters and to moderators. So currently the recommendation is to moderate only in cases of blatant judgmental and obvious deviation from the needs expressed by the OP. When you encounter an off comment, please ask yourself if there’s a chance that it’s well meaning and will be recurved as such. If the answer is no or maybeee? Bring it into the Field for a discussion. Sometimes it is a good idea to message the OP to check in with her about such comments.

4.3. Ithaca Chapter Considerations (coming next week)