DNA, Chromosomes, and Genes

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DNA, Chromosomes, and Genes by Mind Map: DNA, Chromosomes, and Genes

1. Genes

1.1. are made up of

1.1.1. DNA

2. Genes

2.1. carry the information to make

2.1.1. Proteins which is called Code

3. Chromosomes

3.1. are made up of tightly wound

3.1.1. DNA

3.2. are replicated in a process called

3.2.1. Mitosis

4. Genes

4.1. have a unique order in every person called a

4.1.1. Genotype

5. Genotype

5.1. determines the physical appearance called the

5.1.1. Phenotype

6. Best Disease

6.1. is a genetic

6.1.1. Disease that is a dominant disorder.

7. Alleles

7.1. can be modeled by

7.1.1. Blue Eyes this is also an Trait

7.1.2. Brown Eyes

7.2. the stronger allele is called a

7.2.1. Dominant Gene

7.3. the weaker allele is called a

7.3.1. Recessive Gene

8. Meiosis

8.1. makes daughter cells with exactly half as many chromosomes as the starting cell.