Marine Pollution

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Marine Pollution by Mind Map: Marine Pollution

1. Types of marine pollution

2. Affects of Marine pollution

3. Solutions

4. Oil Pollution

5. Plastic pollution

6. detergents, fertilisers or sewage pollution

7. Oil pollution can happen when countries are not containing or disposing of oils correctly.

8. Another way that Oils can get into marine waters is when ships

9. Every year 8 million tones of plastic enters the oceans.

10. plastic is most commonly mistaken as food by marine life.

11. Plastics can suffocate marine life when ingested by blocking their airways.

12. Marine life are actually starving them selves when they mistaken plastic as food.

13. Marine life can be caught up in plastic such as ghost nets, plastic bags and fishing gear.

14. Say no to single use plastic

15. Seabin

16. the seabin can collect plastic bottles, paper, oil, fuel, and detergent floating in the ocean

17. Contains many chemicals that discharges into the ocean, which is lethal.

18. in large doses it can Suffocate marine life

19. water quality can reduce and affect the supply of dissolved oxygen

20. Chemicals we use on our lawns and crops can be a potential risk to ocean life, if flushed down the drain.

21. Use bio-gradable or natural fertilisers

22. One of the big goals for the seabin is in the future the seabin will be made from the recycled plastics it has collected.

23. use recycled shopping bags

24. Educating children about recycling and the affects it has on our marine life.