Texas Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

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Texas Entrepreneurial Ecosystem by Mind Map: Texas Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

1. Academic Institutions

1.1. Texas A & M University

1.1.1. Mays Business School McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship Clinical Trial Professor Business Coordinator Dean's Office Contacts

1.1.2. College of Engineering Engineering Experimentation Station

1.1.3. Technology Commercialization Patent and Innovation Awards

1.2. Texas Tech University

1.2.1. College of Engineering Department Chairs Graduate Program Brochure

1.2.2. Office of Research Commercialization

1.3. University of Texas at Austin

1.3.1. Office of the Vice President for Research Office of Technology Commercialization Office of Research Support and Compliance Office of Sponsored Projects

1.3.2. Cockrell School of Engineering Applied Research Laboratories Center for Agile Technology Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences IC^2 Center

1.3.3. ATX Tech Incubator

1.4. Rice University

1.4.1. Research Centers and Groups BioScience Research Collaborative Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Systems Center for Plant Sciences Center for Energy & Environmental Research in the Human Sciences Shell Center for Sustainability RICE Space Institute RICE Center for Neuroengineering Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship Laboratory for Nanophotonics

1.4.2. RICE Engineering Center for Excellence in Tissue Engineering Center for Transforming Data to Knowledge Cellular Dynamics Lab Catalysis and Nanomaterials Laboratory Geo-Mathematical Imaging Group

1.4.3. Baylor College of Medicine McNair Symposium Bioengineering Core School of Medicine Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences BCM Technologies, Inc. Dan L Duncan Institute for Clinical and Transitional Research

1.4.4. Jones Graduate School of Business

1.5. Texas State University

1.5.1. Institutes and Centers Materials and Applications Research Center Meadows Center for Water and the Environment LBJ Institute for STEM Education and Research

1.5.2. Technology Transfer and Contracts

1.5.3. Strategic Research Initiatives

1.5.4. McCoy College of Business Center for Entrepreneurial Action

1.5.5. Ingram School of Engineering Department Chairs and Deans

2. Professional Start-up Resources

2.1. Houston

2.1.1. Station Houston

2.1.2. TMC Innovation Institute

2.1.3. Fruition Lab

2.1.4. Enventures

2.1.5. Mercury Fund

2.1.6. Houston Ventures

2.2. Dallas

2.2.1. Collide Village

2.2.2. Motive

2.2.3. Dallas Entrepreneur Center

2.2.4. Wildcatters

2.2.5. RevTech Accelerators

2.2.6. Dallas Angel Network

2.2.7. StartupEvo

2.2.8. Southwest Venture Forum

2.2.9. Bios Venture

2.2.10. Cypress Growth Capital

2.3. Laredo

2.3.1. MileOne

2.3.2. Maestro Entrepreneurship Center

2.4. El Paso

2.4.1. Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

2.4.2. The Hub of Human Innovation

2.4.3. Cottonwood Technology Fund

2.5. Austin

2.5.1. Austin Technology Incubator

2.5.2. Capital Factory

2.5.3. Emergent Incubator

2.5.4. Quake Capital

2.5.5. Sputnik ATX

2.5.6. Tech Ranch

2.5.7. Thinktiv

2.5.8. Tarmac TX

2.5.9. Corsa Ventures

2.5.10. Daylight Partners

2.5.11. S3 Ventures

2.5.12. Sante Ventures

2.5.13. True Wealth

2.6. San Antonio

2.6.1. Build Sec Foundry

2.6.2. RealCo

2.6.3. Active Capital VC

2.6.4. Geekdom Fund