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Business by Mind Map: Business

1. Business Council

1.1. Toraga (First Commoner)

1.2. 33 (JK-9, Ministry of Economy-1, BA-23) + Secretariat (4)

1.3. Business Development and Entrepreneurship Council under Toraga JK KR-analysis of regulatory legal acts in the field of business and entrepreneurial activity -participation in working groups for drafting legislation in the field of economic development and entrepreneurship -development of recommendations for bills

2. Investment Council

2.1. Prime Minister

2.2. 75 (Business-65, JK-3, Government-8, Donors-

2.3. Business Development and Investment Council under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic. - Ensuring the development and preparation of recommendations and proposals for government agencies on improving the business environment and the investment climate in the Kyrgyz Republic.

3. Expert Advisory Council under the Committee on JK

3.1. Chairman of the Committee on Economic and Fiscal Policy

3.2. 12 (JK-6, Business-1, Government-5)

3.3. Tax and customs administration business consulting

4. Business Ombudsman

4.1. Supervisory Board

4.2. 3 sides (BA-5, Government-2, Development partners-?)

4.3. A business ombudsman is a person authorized to protect the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs, including foreign ones.

5. Industry and Enterprise Development Committee (NSSD)

5.1. President

5.2. 26 (Government-4, JK-3, BA-19)

5.3. Development of recommendations on the development of industry and entrepreneurship, as well as increasing the investment attractiveness of Kyrgyzstan