Inpatient Hospital to Inpatient Rehab Facility

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Inpatient Hospital to Inpatient Rehab Facility by Mind Map: Inpatient Hospital to Inpatient Rehab Facility

1. Consultation by Physiatrist

1.1. Physiatrist determines that patient meets the Medicare requirements for inpatient rehabilitation

1.1.1. Medicare compliant consultation report is completed by provider. Report is sent from the provider to the inpatient rehab admissions team Admissions completes authorization with patient's insurance company for inpatient rehabilitation. Depending upon the insurance requirements, information can be completed through an online information portal between the hospital and the insurance company. Chart notes and rehabilitation plan are included with authorization request. Information can be called or faxed to the insurance company depending upon their requirements. Provider routes the report through the EHR system. Report is generated into the patient's medical record (EHR).

1.1.2. Provider reviews medical records either via the EHR or paper records from an outside facility.

1.2. Physiatrist reviews medical records for medical need and to ensure patient meets criteria for rehab

1.2.1. Ensure medical record has the database to support the rehab setting along with making the determination that the patient is appropriate for this level of care.