TEDxAmsterdam2011 Pieter van de Rest

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TEDxAmsterdam2011 Pieter van de Rest by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam2011 Pieter van de Rest

1. Life is a gift

1.1. @pietervanderest

1.2. http://www.pietervanderest.nl/

2. intro

2.1. received a donor heart from someone else

2.2. greatest gift possible

2.2.1. ultimate demonstration

2.3. 32 years: had a stroke

2.3.1. couldn't walk stairs

2.3.2. had children growing up was a shadowing person

2.4. in 2007

2.4.1. waiting in a shospital for a new hearth

2.4.2. was lucky to get a new one

2.4.3. someone had to die to give me life didn't have anything to do with her death has a heart of a woman

2.5. her husband decided to donate her organs

2.6. his hearth is not connected to nerve brain

2.6.1. his hearth doens't have a clue when he walks up the stairs

2.6.2. normally nerve connection senses when walking up

3. what am i?

3.1. no connection to his hearth

3.2. hearth has a reputation of being spiritual

3.2.1. it is symbolic

3.3. spiritual

3.4. felt he had the hearth of a woman

3.5. started looking for police reports

3.5.1. and found info

3.6. he published a book

3.6.1. more information about his book (in Dutch)

3.6.2. was invited to Pauw & Witteman

3.6.3. a day later the husband called it is you

3.6.4. it was a beautiful experience

3.6.5. for husband it was painfull had nothing to love anymore but happy she lived one

4. mission

4.1. donadona

4.1.1. http://donadona.nl/

4.1.2. the need to promote organ donation

4.1.3. 2way street

4.2. life flows betwoon people in a symbiotic way

4.3. human values need to follow

4.4. be human

4.4.1. everyone who is willing to accept and receive must be prepare to give

4.5. relatives and friends need to decide

4.5.1. share lives

4.6. donor donation

4.6.1. ultimate example of recycling

4.7. life is full of surprises

4.8. respect for life

5. register now as an organ donor

5.1. http://www.donorregister.nl/