Canadian Mental Health Association

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Canadian Mental Health Association by Mind Map: Canadian Mental Health Association

1. Vision and Goals

1.1. Provides access to the resources people need to maintain and improve mental health and community integration, build resilience, and support recovery from mental illness.

1.1.1. Canada's oldest charitable organization.

1.2. Regional branches provides services to those with mental illness and their families.

1.2.1. Mental health means striking a balance in all aspects of one’s life: social, physical, spiritual, economic and mental.

1.3. provide public education materials, develop policy, conduct research, studies and demonstration projects and advocate at the provincial level.

2. Equity and Inclusion

2.1. CMHA reports that people with mental illness are often marginalized and alienated from the natural community. Many people report that what helps them as much as formal mental health services is the informal support they get from peers or family, or being able to contribute to society by engaging in meaningful daily activity.

2.2. Each Branch/Region structures its programs to meet the needs of its community. For example, links with ethno-cultural groups have been invaluable in providing service to diverse populations.

2.3. Support groups available to discuss mental illness of family members.

2.4. Advocates to government to provide funding for suicide prevention and addiction - especially in First Nations communities

3. Services and Programs

3.1. Services and supports to more than 1.3 million Canadians through the combined efforts of more than 11,000 volunteers and staff across Canada in over 330 communities.

3.1.1. Teenagers and young adults aged 15-24 experience the highest incidence of mental disorders of any age group in Canada (Statistics Canada).

3.2. Not Myself Today: a workplace mental health campaign

3.3. Peer Support Canada: Peer support is emotional and practical support between two people who share a common experience, such as a mental health challenge or illness.

3.4. Workplace Mental Health: provides employers and unions with in-depth training, practical resources and valuable support to address and improve psychological health and safety in the workplace.