Cannabis Marketing

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Cannabis Marketing by Mind Map: Cannabis Marketing

1. Inspiration/conceptualization

1.1. Refinery29 interactive advertising rooms

1.2. experiential advertising

1.3. Celebrities

1.4. Band advertisement indeed of product advertisement

1.5. brand hosted events

1.6. advertising at events

1.7. march giveaways

1.8. health benefits of canabis

1.8.1. stress relief

1.8.2. anxiety reduction

1.8.3. increased apatite

1.8.4. pain relief

1.8.5. legalization increases research on further benefits

2. 5 W's

2.1. Who

2.1.1. who is buying the product

2.1.2. who cares about it

2.1.3. who is the competition

2.1.4. who fits this brand as an ambassador

2.2. What

2.2.1. what lifestyle are we selling

2.2.2. what are the problems with selling cannibis controversial product health impacts fear of advertising to youth

2.3. where

2.3.1. where can we advertise

2.3.2. where can we sell products

2.4. when

2.4.1. when can we advertise and sell products

2.5. why

2.5.1. why does health Canada have a problem with cannabis advertisement

2.5.2. why buy cannabis? health benefits lifestyle choice stress relief social aspect

3. 'how we might' questions

3.1. How might we direct cannabis advertisements as only the target audience of legal adults?

3.2. How might we promote cannabis as a fun product while also maintaining safely and health promotion?

3.3. How might we advertise the product without actually showing or mentioning it directly?

3.4. How might we have consumers engage with the brand and create band loyalty?

3.5. how might we creatively advertise so as to stand out from the other companies as and get ahead given everyone in the current market is a recent start up?

4. Reduction

4.1. brand ambassadors

4.1.1. celebrity endorsements which aim to look natural and authentic

4.2. Advertisement as brand aligned events

4.2.1. booths at events like Osheaga

4.2.2. handing out march and selling product

4.3. Experiencial advertisement with the goal of creating a universal understanding of the brand

4.3.1. similar to red bull

4.3.2. not directly related to the product