History of RELIGIOUS EDUCATION in Western Australia

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History of RELIGIOUS EDUCATION in Western Australia by Mind Map: History of RELIGIOUS EDUCATION  in Western Australia


2. 66A.D. Roman Occupation - Jewish-Roman War . Destruction and displacement of Jewish towns

2.1. 25th December, 1 A.D. Jesus is born in Bethlehem. Son of God and soon to become a saviour to Christians

2.1.1. Jesus of Nazareth Gospels A.D. Catholic Education through scripture, stories about God. Sharing the 'Good News'


4. Fast Forward to Europe, 17th and 18th Century Catholic Education

5. - Education was for the wealthy - People needed to earn an income so education was a low priority - Communities and Government were against the development of Catholic Education. Afraid the culture, beliefs and religion will be become more powerful over Protestants

5.1. AIMS of Catholic Church and education

5.1.1. Believed education for ALL, including the poor

5.1.2. Give those in society and practising Catholics chance at education, improving their heart, mind, faith and social discourse

5.1.3. Employment opportunities, spirit and being "good" citizens

5.1.4. Religious education

5.1.5. Religious identity

5.1.6. Give to society

5.1.7. Give a child a purpose life, "why am I here?"

5.1.8. Ethics, beliefs, love

5.1.9. Teach the Catholic faith

5.1.10. Help children take their rightful place in society, and improve

5.2. In 1695 Penal Laws in Ireland were strict against Catholics

6. 1760 - 1840 Industrial Revolution

6.1. Skilled workers needed

6.2. Reading and writing skills needed

6.3. Education valued

6.3.1. Catholic Education No Government funding Religious Education supported education for the working class families Education funded by parents and the church

7. 19th Century Catholic Education

8. 1829 - 1901 Colony of Western Australia

8.1. 1844 - First Catholic School opened called St John's College

8.1.1. Land was given to build the college

8.1.2. Education was held in the church

8.2. Further funding needed to expand and build Catholic Schools

8.2.1. Idea Journey back to Motherland, England, requesting financial assistance and recruit further teachers 1846 - Funds are increased that are raised by the Catholic Church and it's parsons/community 1850 - Finally, funding relief from the British GOVERNMENT towards Catholic Church for education

9. 1865 - Expansion and increase in West Australian Catholic Education

9.1. Attendance increases, Funding increases

9.1.1. WHY? Aims of Catholic Education and known to be 'Good Schools". Offering secondary and tertiary education (1871) Increase Government Funding towards a quality education Immigrants coming to Western Australia during the Gold Rush era. Particularly from Ireland, England, America and Europe who were members of the Catholic Church.

10. 1895 - Cause and effect of Catholic Education in West Australia

10.1. CAUSE Western Australia moves away from the other States and Territories to become an Independent State

10.2. No State funding is allocated to Catholic Schools for education

10.3. Once again Catholic School financial position relies on funding from the community, church, families/parents

10.4. Lay teachers aren't paid a wage, however provided room and board

10.5. EFFECT. Overcrowded Classrooms

10.6. Limited resources

10.7. Decline in education standards

10.8. Catholic Education receives negative publicity

11. 20th Century Catholic Education


11.1.1. 1950's Catholic Political Campaign begins for a fair society in support of Catholic Education Example of Australia wide protest for government support towards Catholic Education, Goulburn Strike in N.S.W. in 1962 (Eureka Street, 2019)

11.1.2. 1972 Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, establishes the Camel Commission Resulting in Equality in Education for ALL. Funding is needs based, equal resources for ALL schools 1979, agreed that the Commonwealth Government will provide 50% funding in annual costs to Catholic Schools

12. 21st Century Catholic Education, a place for ALL

12.1. Why Catholic Education is important to both the Church and families

12.1.1. Culture Core beliefs and Gospel values

12.1.2. Evangelisation Integrating faith and life in providing education for transformation (Brisbane Catholic Education, 2019) We as witnesses to the presence of God Spreading the word of the 'good news'

12.1.3. Quality Education

12.1.4. Communities committed to the common good

12.1.5. An 'open to all' approach, assisting parents connect with their parish

12.2. Religious Education in schools

12.2.1. 1st priority in education

12.2.2. Linked to ALL learning areas of the curriculum English Mathematics Science Health and Physical Education Humanities Social Sciences The Arts Technologies Languages

12.2.3. To educate is the transaction between teacher, curriculum and student (Flynn, 1993, pp.14-17)

12.2.4. Educating the 'whole person'. HEAD, HEART, HANDS

12.3. 162 Catholic Schools in Western Australia, striving to empowers our diverse and vibrant community (CEWA, 2019)

13. Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) formed in 1986 (CEWA, 2019)

13.1. Catholic restructuring

13.1.1. Bishops of Western Australia decide distribution of funding and standards for schools across W.A. Inspired by the Bishops Mandate, with six guiding principles Bishop's role is to decide the transmission of what religious education program a school upholds

13.1.2. Four diocese across W.A. overseen by each Bishop: Broome, Bunbury, Geraldton, Perth.

14. Mandate Letter

14.1. Vision of Catholic Education in Western Australia

14.2. Theological and educational documents direct from The Vatican, outlining and justifying the VISION

14.3. Document that sets out HOW the Catholic Education community and school is to operate

14.4. Roles and responsibilities of all involved in Catholic Schools

14.5. Highlights challenges to be faced and overcome for the next 6 years

14.6. Connects Catholic Schools to the life of the Church, and belief in Christ.

15. NOW