Visual Representation of Blurbs

My visual representation of blurbs.

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Visual Representation of Blurbs by Mind Map: Visual Representation of Blurbs

1. Look Who's Back, by Timus Vermes (Modern & contemporary fiction)

1.1. 'Be warned. This book is funny. Very funny' - Rebecca K. Morrison, Independent

1.1.1. Vertaling: Wees gewaarschuwd. Dit boek is grappig. Heel grappig.

1.1.2. I love how they put the blurb as a warning, like the readers have to be warned, because it is so funny. Blurbs like these are appealing.

1.1.3. Opinion blurb on the front cover.

2. All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr (Modern & contemporary fiction)

2.1. New York Times Number One Bestseller

2.1.1. Vertaling: New York Times nummer 1 bestseller.

2.1.2. This blurb makes me really want to read the book. I believe it is a sign that the book is very good, because The New York Times is a really important American newspaper. They know what they are talking about.

2.1.3. Fact blurb on the front cover.

3. Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn (Crime & mystery fiction)

3.1. 'Gone Girl is a book you'll be bagging other people to read, just so you can discuss it with them' - Mail on Sunday

3.1.1. Vertaling: Gone Girl is een boek waar je andere mensen gaat smeken dat zij het lezen zodat je het kan bespreken met hun.

3.1.2. I love this blurb because it is very recognizable. If you want to discuss your books with other people, it is a sign that it is worth reading.

3.1.3. Opinion blurb on the back cover.

4. Watching You, by Lisa Jewell (Thriller)

4.1. Family secrets, illicit passion and an unexplained murder lie at the heart of Lisa Jewell's groping new novel.

4.1.1. Vertaling: Familie geheimen, illegale passie en een onopgeloste moord ligt in het hart van Lisa Jewell's doortastende roman.

4.1.2. This blurb explains the book very good. They talk about the family secrets, the illicit passion and the unexplained murder. After reading this blurb, you have a clear vision of the book. I love how they say "lie at the heart of Lisa's new novel".

4.1.3. Content blurb on the back cover.

5. Faking It, by Lotte Daley (Modern & contemporary fiction)

5.1. 'Witty, sassy, sexy and funny - one of our favourite new authors of the year' - Star Magazine

5.1.1. Vertaling: Gevat, brutaal, sexy en grappig - een van onze favoriete nieuwe auteurs van het jaar.

5.1.2. The beginning of the blurb is very catchy, they all end with "y", so it is nice to read.

5.1.3. Opinion blurb on the back cover.

6. Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L James (Erotic)

6.1. Erotic, amusing, and deeply moving, the Fifty Shades Trilogy is a tale that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever.

6.1.1. Vertaling: Erotisch, amuserend, en ontzettend ontroerend, de Fifty Shades Trilogie is een verhaal waar je obsedeert door raakt, wat jou bezit en wat voor altijd bij je blijft.

6.1.2. I love the end of the blurb. It is a little bit dark and mysterious but that suits the tale.

6.1.3. Content blurb on the back cover.

7. Origin, by Dan Brown (Thriller)

7.1. The Breathtaking Global Number 1 Bestseller

7.1.1. Vertaling: De Adembenemende Globale Nummer 1 Bestseller.

7.1.2. This is one of the first fact blurbs I see where they use an adjective. Breathtaking also suggest that is a very exciting tale.

7.1.3. Fact blurb on the front cover.

8. The Librarian, by Salley Vickers (Modern & contemporary fiction)

8.1. 'Will wring the heart of anyone who fell in love with books as a child. It is a human to the power of literature' - The Times

8.1.1. Vertaling: Het boeit het hart van iedereen die als kind gek was op boeken. Het is een lofzang aan de kracht van de literatuur.

8.1.2. The blurb is inspirational, it is almost poetic.

8.1.3. Opinion blurb on the front cover.

9. Cuckoo's Calling, by Robert Galbraith (Modern & contemporary fiction)

9.1. 'The work of a master storyteller' - Daily Telegraph

9.1.1. Vertaling: Het werk van een meester verhaalteller.

9.1.2. I love this blurb because it is short but powerful. It means that they think that the author is a great writer.

9.1.3. Opinion blurb on the front cover.

10. The House by the Lake, by Thomas Harding (European History)

10.1. 'This is history at its most alive' - A.D. Miller

10.1.1. Vertaling: Dit is geschiedenis op zijn meest levendigst.

10.1.2. I love that they say that the book brings the history alive. It means that it is not boring at all. History is about the past, so I like it that they say the author brings the history back to life.

10.1.3. Opinion blurb on the front cover