Daniel-Partner -webinar 1&2

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Daniel-Partner -webinar 1&2 by Mind Map: Daniel-Partner -webinar 1&2

1. Business Structure

1.1. Franchise

1.1.1. Royalty?

1.1.2. Upfront Investment?

1.2. Buy Turn key

2. Businessmen Character

2.1. Like to Count

2.2. Know how to use other people

2.3. know exactly what i want

2.3.1. How much per year?

2.4. Resources: Time/$/Connections-need all 3

2.4.1. CONNECTIONS: KNOW A LOT ABOUT THE PERSON YOU TARGET Be useful to him Only live touch works

2.5. self esteem, envy, hate poverty

2.6. Business is an instrument of acheveing your goals

3. Rent vs Buy

4. Passive income

4.1. bank

4.2. real estate to rent

4.2.1. buy and make studios

4.2.2. rent every nigh air & bnb

4.3. mutual funds

4.4. Crowd funding /kick starter

4.5. your own business

4.5.1. Shihsa smoking

4.6. buy blue chip shares

4.7. Start up venture fund

4.8. IPO/ICO

5. Principals of Business

5.1. 1). Do not lie to yourself and others

5.2. Make the product to customers like you would do to yourself

5.3. Everything we do - we do for other people

5.4. There are numbers and there are people, see people behind the numbers

5.5. we welcome negative feedback- this is real gold for improvement

5.6. Do not go into something you dont like

5.6.1. Find something you really like doing

5.7. Dont work alone and do not do whole work by yourself.

5.7.1. Cooperate with other people

5.8. Business should pay for itself - no loans

5.9. dont think for other people - they may buy golden toilet

5.9.1. New thoughts. B

5.10. No discounts

5.10.1. I respect my own work

5.11. Raise your prices-see what happens

5.12. Invest in your product

5.12.1. Touch your product ==>tell everybody

5.13. Customer should feel that he is needed

5.13.1. tea and candies for everyone

5.14. Ideal business should provide options for customers

5.14.1. No need to THINK

5.15. Invest in Long term relations

5.15.1. NO 3Fs: Find IT, Fuck IT, Forget IT

6. Test Business Idea

6.1. People need to know what they came for? Why?

6.2. How many people are in this niche?

6.3. What do they need?

6.4. Who said that they do not need this?

6.5. Push vs Pull marketing

6.5.1. Push- Advertising

6.5.2. Pull- product sells itself true Fans-Daniel's Style

6.6. 95% of business is taking existing model and redoing it

6.6.1. All you Need is Good product + Good role model in the beginning to start modeling I HAVE BOTH

6.7. MAIN Question: Why should they buy from you?

6.7.1. Every business should have unique DNA not clone

6.7.2. Do not try to bang your head against closed doors/ find the open one

6.7.3. Be different

6.7.4. Questions Where are you better? Faster? Stronger? Cheaper? More interesting? Training as a Service model Different Process Different technology Service is more Important Who needs that? Where can i find them?

6.7.5. ask for feedback -it is gold

6.7.6. each product needs separate strategy

7. Business Ideas

7.1. China- Dima Kovpak

7.2. Oleg Sirota

7.3. Info business

7.3.1. Exchange Knowledge+Experience= Opportunities+ Results

7.3.2. Expert Look for Strategist +producer

7.3.3. Product first website later Feedback to receive

7.3.4. generate Useful content Comparison table free samples

7.3.5. CallPy

7.3.6. Pick one Channel for Target audience Instagramm Youtube

7.3.7. outsource==> advertising landing

7.3.8. Learn Analytics

7.3.9. Approach Meeting Planners not final customers TEC where target audience already exists

7.3.10. Forums Ask to buy Link

7.3.11. Brand Positioning Better Call Saul!!!

7.3.12. test idea with Keywords planner + Yandex

7.4. USEND

7.4.1. dropmall