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Honor Code by Mind Map: Honor Code

1. Main idea #1: American schools are to interested in how or what parents should do with their children.

1.1. Evidence: "But suppose Henry went to an American school. By about the third week of nursery school, Henry's teacher would be sending notes home saying that Henry "had another hard day today." He was disruptive during circle time."

2. Main idea #2: Boys are falling behind and don't usually fit in.

2.1. Evidence: "Far from all, but many boys are the ones who don't fit in... Since then, the evidence that boys are falling behind has mounted. The case is closed. The numbers for boys get worse and worse.

3. Main idea #3: Schools had to make their curriculum easier so that boys could get into colleges.

3.1. Evidence: "Some colleges are lowering the admissions requirements just so they can admit a decent number of men. Even so, men make up just over 40 percent of college students. Two million fewer men graduated from college over the past decade than women. The performance gap in graduate school is even higher."

4. Main idea #4: Brooks believes that boys aren't taking school seriously anymore because teachers and administration aren't being strict enough anymore.

4.1. Evidence: "If schools want to educate a fiercely rambunctious girl, they can’t pretend they will successfully tame her by assigning some of those exquisitely sensitive Newbery award-winning novellas. Social engineering is just not that easy. Schools have to engage people as they are. That requires leaders who insist on more cultural diversity in school: not just teachers who celebrate cooperation, but other teachers who celebrate competition; not just teachers who honor environmental virtues, but teachers who honor military virtues; not just curriculums that teach how to share, but curriculums that teach how to win and how to lose; not just programs that work like friendship circles, but programs that work like boot camp."