Sampled Media (Recap) + Digital Video

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Sampled Media (Recap) + Digital Video by Mind Map: Sampled Media (Recap) +  Digital Video

1. Deconstructing a video

1.1. Speeding-up a video

1.2. Exporting individual frames

1.2.1. And processing with Photoshop

1.3. Exporting the audio

2. Digital Video

2.1. Adding another sampling process

2.1.1. The pixel, the hertz, the frames per second

2.1.2. Number of frames per second Typical frame rates For this class, 30 fps

2.2. Other technical aspects

2.2.1. Typical video aspect ratios (not sizes) For this class, 16:9 is standard Except when noted

2.2.2. Technical means of displaying motion Interlaced scanning Progressive scanning

2.3. The other time-based medium: audio

2.3.1. Stereo

2.4. Compression

2.4.1. There is always compression

3. Sampled Media Recapitulation

3.1. Quantization

3.1.1. Analogue ADC Analog Digital Converter Numbers

3.1.2. Digital Numbers

3.1.3. Numbers Binary numbers 1 or 0 Decimal Natural to us Hexadecimal 0 to F

3.2. The "So what?" question

3.2.1. Sheer computational power Ghz per second 1 billion cycles per second

3.2.2. It can be transformed with mathematics and programming Moving media around Cut and paste Applying transformations to media Apply an effect Media Integration Layers or tracks

3.3. Patent application example: Dense Space