Is skateboarding truly compatible with Artificial Intelligence for students ?

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Is skateboarding truly compatible with Artificial Intelligence for students ? by Mind Map: Is skateboarding truly compatible with Artificial Intelligence for students ?

1. 2) Skateboards working with artificial intelligence

1.1. What does it bring more ?

1.1.1. XTND Skateboards ( Security thanks to a brake system Optimization for better efficiency Available for everyone (not just confirmed skateboarders) Need to open this new way to move to other people, not only confirmed skaters Work and research to make it esthetic

1.1.2. GiGadgets skateboard ( No need for a remote Total freedom to ride Sensors Detection of the feet Easy to carry Small Handy Light Security thanks to a brake system Yet, pebbles cannot be detected ( Adaptation according to the type of user and the way he skates Different types of grip with the road for tricks for example Different types of handling ability

2. 1) What is skateboarding experience ?

2.1. Thigns only skaters will experience (

2.1.1. Security Accidents/falls Improve better stabilization Better handling for beginners Scooter kids at the skate park should not be allowed Rocks/Pebbles Then there is a need to find a solution to counterbalance this pebble problem

2.1.2. Style/Fashion Clothes with iconic brands (ex: Vans)

2.1.3. Freedom & Excitement (Democratizing Innovation, Eric von Hippel, p80 Skateboards are not just for technicity and tricks More mobility for a broader type of users How to allow every user to experience this type of mobility, no matter what their level is ?

2.1.4. Adaptability Being used by and for confirmed skateboarders Being used by and for non-confirmed skateboarders

3. 3) What cost ?

3.1. Regular skateboard: between 100-400$ (

3.2. Intelligent skateboard: over 1000$ (

3.2.1. Increased price appears normal when it comes to AI skateboards, but is not accesible for every students

4. 4) What do students think of skateboarding ?

4.1. Being part of a community (

4.2. Cool way of life

4.2.1. Like for dangers

4.2.2. Style/Fashion (

4.3. Need for constant improvement by training (

5. 5) What people think of skaters ?

5.1. They are talented because of their tricks (

5.2. Yet, they disturb everyone in public areas and are considered as dangerous (

5.3. Behaviour badly perceived by the common opinion

6. 6) Are every skaters true skaters ?

6.1. People that buy electric/intelligent skates

6.1.1. Beginners ( Do not consider themselves as skaters in terms of being part of the community but only as users of this way to move themselves In search of confort, security and a new way to move around Intelligent skaters seem interesting for them indeed

6.1.2. Skaters ( Majority like it and still consider it as a real skateboard

6.2. Professional/training skaters (perform tricks,..)

6.2.1. Feel to be part of a real community

6.2.2. Disturbed by the fashion trend where teenagers want to appear as skaters even if they are not

6.2.3. In search of performance, pleasure and technicity inside a community Are intelligent skateboards interesting for them ? Yes, as it is a new way to skate But difficult to perform tricks, so it is still a bit far from the skateboard culture

6.3. People following the fashion trend without even skateboarding

6.3.1. Want to wear streetwear clothes because it is cool, may reivindicate themselves as skaters even if they are not Are intelligent skateboards interesting for them ? Probably not, as they just follow the fashion trend