SYS.3 System Architectural Design

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SYS.3 System Architectural Design by Mind Map: SYS.3 System Architectural Design

1. The purpose of the System Architectural Design Process is to establish a system architectural design and identify which system requirements are to be allocated to which elements of the system, and to evaluate the system architectural design against defined criteria.

1.1. SYS.3.BP1: Develop system architectural design.

1.1.1. Develop System Architecture Design - Interfaces between System elements - Block diagram of MCU / Software level Interfaces - Memory, Pin configuration / Mechanical level interfaces

1.1.2. Outcomes: System Architecture Design

1.2. SYS.3.BP2: Allocate system requirements

1.2.1. Define a unique naming convention for each of the System elements identified in AD and map it to the respective System Requirements. This can also be done by Traceability

1.2.2. Outcomes: System Architecture Design

1.3. SYS.3.BP3: Define interfaces of system elements.

1.3.1. Develop System Architecture Design - Interfaces between System elements - signals / signals quality , temperature

1.3.2. Outcomes: System Architecture Design

1.4. SYS.3.BP4: Describe dynamic behavior

1.4.1. Define the Dynamic behavior of the System elements

1.4.2. Outcomes: System Architecture Design

1.5. SYS.3.BP5: Evaluate alternative system architectures.

1.5.1. Evaluate alternate Design ex: MCU

1.5.2. Outcomes: System Architecture Design

1.6. SYS.3.BP6: Establish bidirectional traceability.

1.6.1. Establish traceability between System Requirements and System AD.

1.6.2. Outcomes: Software Architecture Design, Review record

1.7. SYS.3.BP8: Communicate agreed system architectural design.

1.7.1. Communicate the SysAD to all stakeholders

1.7.2. Outcomes: Communication record

1.8. SYS.3.BP7: Ensure consistency.

1.8.1. Traceability between System Requirements and System AD

1.8.2. Review of System Architecture Design

1.8.3. Outcomes: Traceability record