Basic Concepts in Morphology III

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Basic Concepts in Morphology III by Mind Map: Basic Concepts in Morphology III

1. Zero morpheme

1.1. It does not have a phonetic formation

1.2. Zero Form- Plural forms

2. Internal change

2.1. The faculty to change the formation of the words.

2.2. E.j. Verbs conjugations

3. Suppletion

3.1. Is the sustitution of the principal or base word.

3.2. E.j. go-went.

3.3. E.j. bad-worst

4. Inflectional Morpheme

4.1. Is an element with a grammatical influence.

4.2. Is divided by categories

4.3. Nouns

4.4. Verbs

4.5. Adjectives

5. Grammatical Morpheme

5.1. Indicate a correlation with other grammaticalparts of speech.

5.2. prepositions

5.3. pronouns, between others

6. Lexical Morpheme

6.1. Subgroup of free morphemes

6.2. Noun

6.3. Verb

6.4. Adjective