Contextual Factors in COMP Program

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Contextual Factors in COMP Program by Mind Map: Contextual Factors in COMP Program

1. Institutional Level

1.1. Policy

1.1.1. The management supports any innovative moves, thus will support the teachers in their move towards a blended approach

1.2. Infrastructure

1.2.1. Facilities

1.2.2. Access & Resources

1.2.3. ICT Support

1.2.4. ICT Training

2. Learner Level

2.1. Profile

2.1.1. Employed Emiratis sponsored by their employers and released for training

2.2. Access

2.2.1. Regular and steady access

2.3. Previous experience

2.3.1. Learners are used to face-to-face teaching, thus they have to be eased into the concept of blended learning

2.4. ICT Training

2.4.1. The COMP program includes a component the focuses on developing the learners ICT skills and could be utilised to enhance their ability to benefit from the blend

3. Teacher Level

3.1. Teaching Pedagogy

3.1.1. with qualified teachers and management support, teaching pedagogy could be adapted to fit a blended approach

3.2. Learning Materials

3.2.1. Business English curriculum is being used, a text book is provided, and teachers develop supplementary materials

3.3. ICT Training

3.3.1. Teachers receive the required training to use the systems effectively

3.4. Teacher Qualification

3.4.1. All teachers are native speakers with a CELTA or DELTA qualifications and are qualified to make the shift towards a blended approach

4. factors