Kelsey Jane's Golden Retriever, Kobe, was poisoned. Kobe was found dead two feet away from his fe...

This is a chose your own adventure book with Sherlock Holmes ft Watson. (total made of and is not from the book. it is also not a summary)

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Kelsey Jane's Golden Retriever, Kobe, was poisoned. Kobe was found dead two feet away from his feeding bowl. What do Sherlock and Watson do first, interrogate Kelsey or look at the crime scene? by Mind Map: Kelsey Jane's Golden Retriever, Kobe, was poisoned. Kobe was found dead two feet away from his feeding bowl. What do Sherlock and Watson do first, interrogate Kelsey or look at the crime scene?

1. Sherlock and Watson talk to Kelsey Jane and she says "Kobe was beautifully vivified before I went to bed. I don't even feed the dog the dog nanny does," she continues to cry. Does Sherlock and Watson check the bowl for prints, talk to the dog nanny, or check the crime scene?

1.1. Talk to the dog nanny: The detectives talk to the dog nanny and he says, "I would never poison my baby. In fact, he said the maid always hated Kobe, that's right! She said "...he was an unnecessary mess" Mmhm, yes she did." Do they further investigate the dog sitter Fernando or move on to the maid?

1.1.1. Talk to the maid: She confesses to saying the dog was "an unnecessary mess". But she says she would never hurt the dog. She asked Sherlock and Watson to check the bowl for evidence. Do they check the bowl or keep looking into the maid? Check the bowl: The finger prints found were Kelsey's! Kelsey says she never feeds the dog and the maid washed dishes... Maid: We find out that the maid has been working for the family for years and Miss. Kelsey doesn't think she did it. She also has no finger prints on the bowl and can't tell the difference between poisons.

1.1.2. Further investigate: Sherlock and Watson go with there guts and look further into Fernando. They ask for an alibi, but he says he was at home by himself. Do you look further or investigate the maid?

1.2. Check the Bowl: The prints found on the bowl are obviously Fernando Pinocchio, the dog nanny. They decide not to alarm him and check into his background and found out he was a chemist for the military. Confront Fernand or further investigate?

1.2.1. Further investigate: As good detectives do Sherlock and Watson continue researching Fernando. But they are hungry. Do they go home and get sleep or go out and eat together? Go out: Watson and Sherlock go to eat at their favorite restaurant and return home to get good nights rest. Do they take a rest day or investigate the maid? Go home: They take a cab and mossy on home. Tomorrow they shall further investigate Fernando. At 4:32 am Sherlock has smack in the face about the case, does he stay at home and rest or does he get dress to follow his intuition about the case? He stays: Sherlock stays and waits until the morning to move further in the case... He gets dressed to leave: In order to follow his gut he puts on his clothes, coat, and shoes. He walks out the door and there stands Fernando with a gun. With no mask and no witness to watch Fernando pulls the trigger and kills Sherlock. Watson heard Sherlock leave and he followed, when he go outside Sherlock was on the ground dead. He looked up and sees Fernando, "Fernando, please." Sherlock and Watson lay down on the side walk and Sherlock coughs and sees his partner bleeding out. "Watson!" He turns over with his last bit of strength and kisses Watson gentley.

1.2.2. Confront Fernando: ....

2. Crime Scene: Sherlock and Watson look at the crime scene and find a Zodiac watch. Do they take it to DNA or keep it for later?

2.1. Keep it: Sherlock decides to keep it later that day Sherlock and Watson are in a cab. The cab driver says, "I think you have something that belongs to me." He turns around and shoots Watson. (bye bye Watson) Does the cab drive continue driving or kill Sherlock?

2.1.1. Keeps Driving: The man keeps driving. He explains that he is was the man who poisoned the dog. He also confesses of doing unmentionable R rated things to the dog and the maid of the house. Does he take living Sherlock and Watson's dead corps to the docks or to the mountains? Docks: The man soon to reveal himself as Fernando dumped Watson's body into the water. Fernando viciously took Sherlock out of the car and told him he will never solve another mystery. They both stand at the edge of the dock, Fernando buts the gun to Sherlock's stomach and whisper "goodbye" as he shot and pushed Sherlock into the water. Mountains: The man never reveals himself to Sherlock even when he asked. The mystery man throws Watson body over a cliff. He a firm grip on Sherlock and tells him to nil towards the city. He puts the gun to Sherlock's back but takes to long and Sherlock pushes back and knocks the gun out of the mans hands! Does Sherlock go for the gun or run? Gun: Both face down in dirt, Sherlock gets up and reaches for the gun. The man kicks him in the face and throws Holmes over the cliff. Run: Both face down in dirt, Sherlock gets up and tries run to the car. But the mystery man is quicker. He gets the gun and says, "Goodbye Sherlock Holmes," and shoots Sherlock in the top left of his back.

2.1.2. Kills Sherlock: The man turns around and shoots Sherlock! The nameless man rides Sherlock and Watson, the greatest detectives of all time, until the crack of dawn.