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Network by Mind Map: Network

1. Using cable or wireless device

2. Nerwork is consist of 3 element: a) Sender b) Receiver c) Channel

2.1. Channel

3. Importance of Network: a) Allow sharing. b) Borderless communication. c) Allow user remote program and database. d) Provide faster communication.

4. The evolution of networking: a) Wild-wild west (Using smoke, birds) b) 1990-2000(Using analog signal) c) Present(Using wireless, fiber optic)

5. Characteristics: a) Administration b) Redundancy/Stability c) Service quality d) Monitoring e) Standard f) Operator

6. Types of network: a)Internet b)Telco c)Company Network c)Universal Network d)Home network

6.1. Internet

6.1.1. Key element Host Ip Address Host Name DNS

6.2. Telco

6.2.1. connection speed Upload/Download

6.2.2. Data limit

6.2.3. types of connection Wireless home broadband fiber optic

6.2.4. addtional services IPTV Channel

6.3. Company Network

6.3.1. Communication within local institution Intranet-within a company Firewall-device control network traffic

6.4. Home Network

6.4.1. Communication within close area of a house

6.4.2. Wifi modem

7. MM Network: a) Traffic over the network is Substantial. b) Specialized protocol and treatment.

8. Market for MMNET: a) Computer software supplier. b) Network hardware/software supllier. c) Telco and cable TV provider. d) TV production studio. e) Streaming platform.

9. Network standard Access by many type of hardware, software and services. Why?

9.1. Why? Allow hardware and software processes from different vendor. Open standard allow more competition.

9.2. Home network

10. Multimedia Content Types