Architecture of computer

Ерланулы Бейбарыс АУ-19

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Architecture of computer by Mind Map: Architecture of computer

1. computational and logical capabilities

1.1. command system

1.2. data formats

1.3. performance

2. software

2.1. operating system

2.2. programming language

2.3. application software

3. the architecture is software related.Aspects of implementation are not part of the architecture

4. There are several levels of computer organization,from two or more

4.1. The level of the architecture of the command system

4.2. Electronic circults execute machine dependent programs

4.3. The level of the operating system translation

4.4. Is used for writing application programs

5. Hardware

5.1. Structure

5.2. Memory organization

5.3. Input and output organization

5.4. Management