Marketing Plan 2019

JZ Vacation Rentals Marketing Map Outline for 2019

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Marketing Plan 2019 by Mind Map: Marketing Plan 2019

1. Content is King

1.1. Video

1.1.1. Animated or Non-Video Videos (credit Opula**)

1.1.2. Property - Short Ad Clips (MatterPort*)

1.1.3. Minute Featured Properties (Opinions Please!)

1.1.4. Webinars and Online Trainings

1.2. Online and Social Media Ads

1.2.1. TurnKey Vacation Rental Investment Opportunity I JZ Vacation Rentals

1.2.2. Google Ads and Banners

1.2.3. Facebook Ads

1.2.4. Instagram Ads

1.2.5. Determining Priorities of other Social Media Platforms

2. Customer Tracking

2.1. New Website Coming Soon - Wealth of Data Available - How do we use it?

2.2. Salesforce - Eventual One-Stop-Shop for EVERYTHING Customer - Sales, Marketing, Data Analysis, Customer Support... Literally does it all

2.2.1. New Topic

2.3. New Topic

2.4. Google Analytics

3. MailChimp

3.1. Better Options?

3.1.1. Salesforce Campaigns - We are paying for Salesforce already if you want to look into the UNLIMITED capabilities

3.1.2. Infusionsoft? - One of our Affiliates built his business around this

3.1.3. Hubspot - I looked into this briefly as an alternative to Salesforce, but I keep seeing it everywhere and I believe it can be used a la carte

3.2. Properties

3.2.1. New Home Available for Booking! - This ad is OLD SCHOOL, but honestly not far off from what we want - just a lot more colorful and updated

3.2.2. - Organizing this site to MAXIMIZE INVESTOR INTEREST!!! Alex and I have discussed this repeatedly and have a lot of ideas we need help with

3.3. Property Video - See "Videos" or follow the BLUE line

3.4. Host Newsletter Automation - I can give info every month, need to have the Commission Statement Files Attached automated when they end up in a file every month. Mailchimp SHOULD be able to do this.

4. Blogs

4.1. Min 4 p/mo from the group: Alex, Bryan, Opula, Nicole, Patrick, other employees, or other family members or hosts

4.1.1. Signup List - Trello Board unless someone has another idea

4.1.2. Running List of Ideas and Topics on Trello

4.1.3. Best Gameplan for posting - When and Where?

4.1.4. Pay for Boosting?

5. Salesforce

5.1. I used this at Enterprise and there were about 20-25 Employees in the company dedicated to it. If we truly utilized the plan we have, it could eliminate the MAJORITY of 3rd party applications we use and create a seamless interaction funnel for our Guest, Host, Investor, Vendor, Partner, Affiliate interactions

5.2. Contact Integration - We need to have all contacts funneled into this system and there are multiple methods we need to knock out: Website Forms, DialPad Phone System, Data Tracking methods, Manual Input, .cvt Files...

5.2.1. Contact Organization - High Priority**

5.2.2. App Integrations MailChimp

5.3. Customer Service

5.3.1. DialPad

6. Hi Guys... I am paying for this, but I'm not sure how editable this will show up for you... If there are any edits you would like to make, shoot me an email or put it on the Marketing Ideas board with the tag "Marketing Map"