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EDCI 270 IM Mind Map

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IM Mind Map by Mind Map: IM Mind Map

1. Comparing Christianity and Judaism

1.1. Have them make a venn diagram of what they think the differences/similarities between Judaism and Christianity are

1.2. Add a screencasted powerpoint describing some of the major similarities and differences with embedded quizlet/edpuzzle/something like that to test their knowledge

2. Introducing the Topic

2.1. YouTube video for quick introduction: Religions of the World - Judaism

2.2. Quick-write on what they know about Judaism

3. Major Holidays

3.1. Passover

3.2. Rosh Hashanah

3.3. Yom Kippur

3.4. Hanukkah How to Light the Hanukkah Candles

4. Assesment

4.1. Create a quiz through google to have them take at the end that tests their knowledge