Urban Planning - Entreprenuerial Page

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Urban Planning - Entreprenuerial Page by Mind Map: Urban Planning - Entreprenuerial Page

1. About

1.1. about the website

1.1.1. maintained theme throughout webpage

1.2. about the author (Blanca)

1.2.1. high quality images

2. Contact

2.1. contact submission page for people wanting more information

2.1.1. google form

2.2. strategic planning

2.2.1. mind meister tool

3. Reference page

3.1. research and information for site

3.1.1. high quality content from reliable sources and how to 'find out more'

4. Planning in Tempe

4.1. environmental planning

4.2. sustainable cities

4.3. urban housing issues

5. Home

5.1. What is urban planning?

5.1.1. establish theme

5.1.2. use high quality images

5.1.3. utilize keywords

5.2. Why is sustainability important in city development?

5.2.1. use videos that help explain the concept of sustainability in relation to city planning in a fun, understandable way