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JAF Servers by Mind Map: JAF Servers

1. Beta Server

1.1. Building

1.1.1. Spawn City Evantode Jackthekat9

1.1.2. Transportation

1.1.3. Mining

1.1.4. Shops

1.2. Advertising

1.2.1. Minecraft forums

1.2.2. Our server

1.2.3. Planet Minecraft

1.2.4. Other Ranking websites

1.3. Plugins

1.3.1. Hawk Eye MySQL Connection Files to Webserver Tests

1.3.2. Remote Toolkit Open Ports Edit files for Ubuntu OS

1.3.3. Factions? Create poll about Factions plugin

1.3.4. Money system Have Evan make a money system chart Post on forums Find a money plugin

1.3.5. World Guard Disable creepers explosions

1.3.6. World Edit Install Rhino

1.3.7. Voxel Sniper

1.3.8. Dynamic Map[Done] Upload files to webserver

1.3.9. Permissions Guest Unable to build Must register on forums and apply for list "Only visiting" Member Everything except custom title Unable to place lava Donator Custom title Donates at least $1 USD Administrator Jackthekat9 Hobag178 S4spencer Evantode

1.3.10. In Game Music [Done] External client uploaded to webserver

1.3.11. Chat Plugin

2. Website/Forums

2.1. Forums [Done]

2.1.1. More themes [Done]

2.1.2. MySQL bridge with website [Not Able to be Done Anymore]

2.1.3. Less downtime [Done]

2.1.4. Better working email [Done]

2.2. Website

2.2.1. MySQL bridge with forums [Not Able to be Done Anymore]

3. Classic Server

3.1. Set new ranks

3.1.1. Guest

3.1.2. Builder

3.1.3. Member

3.1.4. Elites

3.1.5. Intern

3.1.6. Operator

3.1.7. Owner Find new owner

3.2. Create main [Done]

3.3. Clean unused levels

3.3.1. Create "save me" thread

3.4. Clean unused MySQL tables [Done]

3.5. Ban JTGN [Will never be done]

4. Make Saine and Ourmine jelleh

4.1. Have better Classic server [Done]

4.2. Be a bad ass at server software sites [Done]

4.2.1. MCStorm [Done]

4.2.2. MCForge [Done]

4.3. Have epic Beta server

4.3.1. Loads of peoples

4.3.2. Use ForgeCraft once released

4.3.3. Lots of plugins

4.4. Great economy