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Webull mobile app by Mind Map: Webull mobile app

1. Fidelity Active trader pro example bracket order screen (please ignore the sound

1.1. you can see when I move the mouse, the estimated gain and loss showed up

2. add user setting. ex default number of shares

2.1. sample setting configuration from Interactive broker

3. Advanced orders

3.1. more than one orders

3.1.1. sample from Interactive broker mobile app

3.2. Need to be able to add bracket order to existing positions

3.3. issue not be able to change stop loss in existing advanced order

3.4. neeed to show profit loss ratio when placing the order, also can check PDT rule and show warning

4. User settings

4.1. Default to order advanced for the order screen, configurable by user settings

5. Future to implement

5.1. https://alpaca.markets/

5.2. API trading interface needed to enable autotrade for an C# app or another other language

6. order improvements

6.1. After order placed, This screen should have “buy again” button, because traders most likely will buy more than ones, or a “sale” button, you have enough spaces on the user interface

7. when display a certain stock symbol, need to show existing buy, sale orders

7.1. now is only show when you want to buy or sale a stock symbol

7.2. current display when open a particular symbol