Masters of Education-Instructional Leadership

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Masters of Education-Instructional Leadership by Mind Map: Masters of Education-Instructional Leadership

1. Fundamentals/Growth of Knowledge

1.1. Intro to M.eD

1.1.1. Creating Screen-cast presentations

1.2. School Climates and Culture.

1.2.1. Multicultural classrooms Native Hawaiian education Placed based education EDU 643 "Hawaii Nutrition"curriculum (HS Health and wellness)

1.2.2. Olelo Hawaii Missionaries impact on Education to Native Hawaiians Understanding ethnic and cultural resticition in Education

1.3. Future of Education

1.3.1. Multicutrual education

1.3.2. Authentic learning

1.3.3. Individualized learning

2. History of Education

2.1. Educational logistics

2.1.1. Educational law Engel v. Vitale (1962) Lemon v. Kurtzman (1971) Brown v. Board of Education

2.1.2. Frameworks Ohana Highschool

2.2. Onset of education stemming from industirial revolution

2.3. Education in legislation

2.3.1. "No child left behind"

2.3.2. Monetary endorsements for specific directions in Education 1960/70's - Space exploration Introduction of STEM

3. Assesment

3.1. Behaviors

3.2. Exceptional students

3.3. Diverse learners

3.3.1. Technology tools for students

3.4. Standards and rubrics

3.4.1. EDU 714

4. Methodology/Philosophies

4.1. Technology in Education

4.1.1. Individualized learning through computer platforms.

4.1.2. Google platforms

4.1.3. Technology in Physical Education Integrating technology in Physical Education Games, Video feedback, mobile apps, heart rate monitors for activity and nutritional consultation. First Aid lesson plan using QR codes

4.1.4. Signature assignments Physcial activity vs sedentary lifestyles in youth

4.2. Montessorri

4.2.1. Monetary endorsements for specific directions in Education 1960/70's - Space exploration Introduction of STEM

4.3. Dual channeling

4.3.1. EDU 712 Field test

4.4. Placed based Education

4.4.1. collaborative learning

4.4.2. Na Waihi pana o Kohala

4.4.3. EDU 714

4.5. Flaws/Concerns

4.5.1. Tredtional learning vs Modern day

5. Reserach and Design

5.1. Research Protocal

5.1.1. Annotated bibliographies RefWorks APA format Research databases

5.2. Trends In motivation

5.2.1. Physical education

5.2.2. Behavior management

5.3. Technology in education

5.3.1. Divers learners

5.3.2. Physical education

6. Pedagogy

6.1. Culture

6.1.1. Na Waihi pana o Kohala

6.1.2. Multicultural education Hawaii Nutrtion

6.2. Technology in education

6.2.1. Divers learners

6.2.2. Physical education

6.3. Technology in Education

6.3.1. Individualized learning through computer platforms.

6.3.2. Google platforms

6.3.3. Technology in Physical Education