WIP (!) Individual effort : Mapping the emerging # #global rEvolution #TTQ #DRY #OWS #occupy........

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WIP (!) Individual effort : Mapping the emerging # #global rEvolution #TTQ #DRY #OWS #occupy......"Universe" #Access Architecture (Global Perspective) by Mind Map: WIP (!) Individual effort : Mapping the emerging # #global rEvolution #TTQ #DRY #OWS #occupy......"Universe" #Access Architecture (Global Perspective)

1. So it has gone global.

1.1. occupy (video) streams

1.1.1. occupystream.com - livestreams, global

1.1.2. occupystreams - livestreams, global

1.1.3. OccupyTV

1.1.4. realtime streams.. e.g. twitter search, occupationalist US mashup selection site: occupationalist e.g. DemocracyNow list peaceonearth tweetmap

1.1.5. Globalrevolution.tv livestream.globalrevlution

1.2. Social Networks

1.3. personal collecting (flow, stub)

1.3.1. mailinglists/groups InterOcc mailinglist archives takethesquaremailinglist Overview lists

1.3.2. Websites takethesquare.net Occupytogether GeneralAssemblies.info (Global) takthesquareglobalmeetingarticle 15october.net Wealloccupy WeallOccupy

1.3.3. News / curation /projects 99%media

1.4. News Aggregators

1.4.1. testurl, focus occupy, linked: eurozonl channel (test preference)

1.5. NYC declaration

1.6. Global NEtwork proposals

1.6.1. n-1.cc Global Network, post to all, emerging from first network n-1 for takethesquare from Spain square mailingslist all lists takethesquare.net

1.6.2. roarmag.org post planetary commenting

1.6.3. (Avaaz) occupyconnectnet

2. some controversies - complete stub

2.1. Forget about selfish motives while adding value - Even MoveOn did it wrong

2.1.1. Its not just about NGO's - its about being human and thus a big topic on emerging sites, naturally. Its easier to find together on the street.

2.1.2. You know...the very same problem that we are fighting against.... we really don't know if we will manage better

2.2. No bottom-up declaration will be perfect from the start. Those are the beginnings.

2.2.1. All single movement entities will need to address their governing entities. That is why we need to take the time to build impact infrastructure

2.3. We will need to unite issues based, beyond all policy borders we know #LawrenceLessig @lessig

2.4. declarationbuilding

2.5. National / Structure Building

2.6. message - undermining plan openchannel msnbc

3. 2. Find/add local groups

3.1. E.g Please link your local --> national emerging web structure (once summarized/structured...by you ?... ) to your local meetup page

3.2. Global Maps

3.2.1. occupationplanet.org

3.2.2. Global Map (meetup) Find or create local groups. On the long run it is not just about going on the street. If we have the patience to build infra-structure for civic deliberation, participation and advices to governing entities online, and at the same time work on education and deliberation for a global perspective, we can go on long beyond a cold winter. No matter if we go on the street then - or build on.

3.2.3. ikimap

3.2.4. map15oct

4. 3. INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE **emerging** ---- Online architecture helps this movement to unite and develop into - whatever we manage. This mindmap tries to map the emergent structure to help you to access and contribute. Contribute where you can - but its best to find out where your contribution is most helpful before. This map is a search to map best access for a global perspective in flow, not an answer, see note attached to mindmap title

4.1. Websites

4.1.1. situpon: the futureofoccupy

4.1.2. takethesquare (Global) list of related sites global n-1.cc

4.1.3. OccupyWallStreet (Start #occupy) collecting local links I save, stub WiFi around Zucotti Park list of occupy movement related websites (occupyeverywherewiki) anotherlist occyupywallst. occupywallstreet.net project privateliston riseuplists: [email protected]

4.1.4. Occupy Together (Global) FAQ

4.1.5. nycga site is the main hub, linked under Social Networks (NYC General Assembly)

4.1.6. GeneralAssemblies.info (Global)

4.1.7. Whpo are you thread

4.2. HUB /Social Network(s)

4.2.1. Groups on nycga (NYC General Assembly) best practices / create account All group meetings, virtual or local are documented: meeting minutes template How to make forums work for your group Social Network groups in a uniting hub are important - but limiting as to their collaboration options , create the collaboration and information architecture for your group and link it to / to it from the group page; See more via link PLS, check if exisiting groups cover your intentions before you create a new one ! This is about finding together ! old site

4.2.2. takethesquarenetwork: n-1.cc

4.2.3. collecting überstub found a cafe - "not-so-young" discussing (but why donations, for the ning network ? - maybe superfluous comment by the mmauthor

4.3. Wiki

4.3.1. occupynet uniting wikis / discussion occupyeverywhere/ -- projects bettermeans wiki project

4.3.2. wiki.shop.tm

4.3.3. occupydev. wiki

4.3.4. p2pfoundation/OWS

4.4. Building infra-structure

4.4.1. Working Groups Internet Working Group official subgroups projects & team doc public IWG google group Article: Find into the Occupy Movement - Digital Strategists OWS digital strategy Wiki page process/docs better infrastructure thread Yaniv Tal Open Source /Free /Libre Solutions Wiki Page Technology Roadmap github FLO solutions project.occupytechnology.org OWS Facilitation Outreach Working Group Movement Building Think Tank constructive impact development Education and Empowerment Stucture direct democracy/consensus.. Media Working Group subsite Design Working Group

4.4.2. (developer+ relevant) mailing lists ows_solutions occupy-dev Michael Allan On preventing a monopoly of voting media OIVS online identity - clear entrance start of november , Ed Knutson technology operations group nycgy occupy tech list AIR_L via ma-zelea ncdd discussion election methods apsa itp harvard nycga tech-ops chatlog logs tech-ops group p2pfoundation haccupy discuss archive E2D forum

4.4.3. related Projects (stub) list of projects occupy.net wiki / occupyeverywhere nycga-related List of occupy related sites occupynetwiki occupy technology occupyresearch other links stubs/participants with similar interests occupydata @joshuams - Big Games occupyapps occupyhack google moderator ideas occupyideas (seemed silent) facilitation permabank liberty square ???? scam ? occupyassembly.org ornot: googledoc from facebook page occupydev arty: jlikemindmap ;) wordpress website support for smaller occupations futureoroccupy.org

4.4.4. people - similar/different improvement intentions / methods Michael Allan Pol- constr. Jesse Ladner ((Yaniv Tal))

4.5. Perspectives

4.5.1. direct democracy improvement concepts offered d.d. participation concepts, by org/individuals nycga global constitution wikipage tribal connection # constructive ! upgarededemocracy (rushkoff/cntactsummit) fiquidfeedback.org planteary pntry metagovernment.org talking about lowercased.org (NYC) votorola entered nycga discussion Daniel Stodolsky heliosvoting (via metagov occupy frankfurt discussion) Speroni/ Velikanov via metagov. list upgradedemocracy other discussions, collecting list of related forum threads by michael allen post online-voting / internet group nycga MichaelAllan/votorola.zelea - freedom, system-"inherent" important elements of consensus Representatives necessary for certain issues find: Michael Allan commented on Rushkoff/contact conf. related "upgrade democracy" comprehensive lists Vergleich Tools ThomnasVDE - links to metagovernments' list of active projects. metagovernment creators where/are already discussing possible synergies in their mailinglist metagovernment related projects list participatedb electology.org

4.5.2. statement of autonomy (passe by GA)

4.5.3. general new perspectives projects mentioned consciouscapitalism non-occupy-related - view over power structures theyrule.net littlesis.org peoplescongress.org comunes.org (collaboration)

4.6. other research / collection / access via stream

4.6.1. pearltree OWS

5. 4. How to contribute on a local level - on the long run, how to connect local and online (STUB YET)

5.1. Local

5.1.1. HowToOccupy

5.1.2. Facilitation How to cook a non-violent revolution -takethesquare occupy together Field Manual Working Group on nycga Need Structure link to structure meetings/issues doc

5.1.3. Education tbc

5.2. Online

5.2.1. Learn about the online architecture linked here, find out where to join in

6. 1. In case you wonder...What is the Occupy Movement ? #globalrEvolution movement)

6.1. Just one introductory description - Opinion, on foxnews (!)

6.2. D. Rushkoff: Not a protest but a prototype

6.3. Think its a phase? You couldn't be more wrong / D.Rushkoff on CNN

6.4. Occupy Wallstreet beta tests a new way of living / D. Rushkoff

7. Small "->" arrows open linked sites, "+" icons open closed arms

8. follow European Developments

8.1. N-1

8.2. follow occupy Frankfurt

8.2.1. adhocracy

8.2.2. WG digital democracy

8.3. (peoplesassemblies.orgroarmag.org