Logi Cloud for information management

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Logi Cloud for information management by Mind Map: Logi Cloud for information management

1. Tooling Management System

1.1. Requirement to Database

1.1.1. Modulize the system?

1.1.2. Flexible database

1.1.3. Customize the data analyzing and output?

1.1.4. Standard interface for the data access?

1.1.5. To make the maintainance is friendly, The Data of the items can be copied for new items, then moldify the different one can supplier edit the records? Approvel process?

1.1.6. No user limitation

1.1.7. Authrize the the access by module

1.2. Tooling/Process Development @ NPI Stage

1.2.1. Create project and input informtiuon by Project 1st level Basic Parts information (by Logitech Engineering) Schedule by project Part Description P/N Part material1 Logitech Assets No PO No. Tooling Cost 1. DFM information Management By Supplier Basic Parts information (by Supplier) Basic tooling informtion Page (By supplier, For Analyzing ) Round 1 DFM attachment (For Tracking) Round 2 DFM attachment(For Tracking) Round 3 DFM attachment(For Tracking) Tooling Capacity Esitmation by Tooling (By Supplier) ...... 2. Tooling Fabricating status management Actually Tooling Starting date Tooling Fabricating progress Actually T0 Date 3. Tooling Trial shot status tracking T1 review date Trial shot issue status tracking Molding parameter 4. Tooling Lesson learning management Analyzing the Issues from different pespective provide a entrance for Engineer to find reference or suggestion for current new project, So try our best 5. OEE Data report For Tooling OEE data OEE analyzation MP Molding Data Collection(After PQR) Max % of Regrind Material Color Part mateiral2 (If select the double injection or overmolding) Max % of Regrind2, (If select the double injection or overmolding) Material 2 Color (If select the double injection or overmolding) Molding Y/R Molding Parameter Post process1 Post Process2 (based on the status of checkbox)

1.2.2. Tooling cost estimation

1.2.3. Molding cost estimation build the Basic cost information data base , To sync with GSM Material cost by type, brand Machine Rate by tons Labol cost customized the formular for the cost simulation

1.2.4. Out put of tooling information Data analyzing: Can we cumtimize the contant of the X and Y Data analyzing: T1, PB1, PB2 achievment @ Supplier, project, tooling...... Data analyzing: Tooling leadtime @ supplier, tooling type..... Data analyzing: Molding Parameter Data analyzing: Tooling capacity comparison by project by part by tooling type Data analyzing: Tooling capacity VS Tooling estimation Data analyzing: C/T analyzing Averavge VS Special parts; part list over Average by C/T, by injection time, by packing time, by cooling time, by tooling-open time by tooling-closing time, by picking up time. to findout the unreasonable data/parts, by similar size, tooling type, Data analyzing: Machine age, The age inforamtion can be select when we need to comparing............. Data analyzing: Tooling Capacity analyzing by project by part No. Working Day/week Working Hours/day Show the Capacity by 1st Wk, 2nd Wk, 3rd Wk, 4th Wk (Total output of the 4 Wks), MP capacity/month Data analyzing: Schedule Analyzing How?? Data analyzing: Data analyzing: Report output --- as the standard molding parameter

1.3. Tooling Management @ MP stage (Existing System)

1.3.1. PO List

1.3.2. Tooling Basic Information

1.3.3. Tooling Capacity

1.3.4. Tooling Life

1.3.5. Tooling Sustain

1.3.6. Tooling Resume

1.3.7. Tooling Cost

2. QC managerment System