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Subscriptions by Mind Map: Subscriptions

1. Buying games vs streaming

1.1. Buying games

1.1.1. Pros Getting the game and not worrying about the other games that come with the streaming service. Not having to worry about the servers shutting down.

1.1.2. Cons Hving to wait for the game to download. Some games are console specific.

1.2. Streaming

1.2.1. Pros Not having to wait for the game to download. Instant access to hundreds of games. Able to play games from multiple consoles.

1.2.2. Cons Not being able to play if the servers go down. Paying for subscriptions when only wanting one game . Need high speed internet.

2. How game streaming will effect console

2.1. No more different console with different games all games on one device. (Microsoft’s Phil Spencer president of gaming)

2.2. (Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot) With streaming games people will need less hardware in there home to run heavy game.

2.3. At E3 microsoft said the company is making a streaming service that can play any game on it “console quality game on any device”.

2.4. Nvidia has a console with game streaming capabilities. It’s smaller than xbox and playstation console. It can play tons of games but at the cost of internet speed for a better resolution.

2.5. Device sizes throughout the years

3. How streaming games will impact companies such as Gamestop (physical retailers) and the middleman such as Steam (digital retailer).

3.1. Larger publishers like Microsoft and Sony can have their own streaming service like Netflix that comprises of their own games that they publish which would completely eliminate the cost they pay to the middleman such as Gamestop and Steam. This makes it more desirable for companies to have their own service rather than pay a middleman.

3.2. As with digital downloads, streaming games eliminate the need for physical production of media such as game cartridges and discs which is also a large cost for producers of games. This allows companies to save more money while companies like Gamestop won’t even be able to sell games physically.

3.3. With game streaming there is zero incentive for the consumer to go out and buy games individually when they can pay a subscription fee to play a multitude of games including new ones instead.

3.4. With publishers having their own streaming service and online library of games, it allows them to add incentives to persuade the consumer to use their streaming service rather than going to a middleman and spending their money there like with EA origin access premier allowing consumers to play games days in advance of when they release for a little extra money.

4. Different levels of subscriptions for streaming

4.1. Pros

4.1.1. 1.All of your content can be accessed from the same location. 2.All tv shows, and movies can be watched from consoles or tv. 3. Some subscriptions can do away with a cable bill

4.2. Cons

4.2.1. 1. Each company has their own subscription fee. 2. Most have multiple fees built in to set a part different levels 3.Some have their fees plus the fees of others built in just to be able to access 4.The total of all subscriptions add up to be more than what cable by itself would be

5. How would it affect the state of games and gaming

5.1. Companies like Microsoft and Sony have it possible to join a subscription and get the latest games for a certain amount of money a month.

5.2. This will eventually eliminate the need for a physical copy of a game or even digitally download it

5.3. If you don’t have internet connection then you can't play the game which is a terrible downside

5.4. The games would no longer be portable to play unless you have a hotspot

5.5. If the subscription has failed payment then your gaming stops compared to playing all the games you want because you have them downloaded or owned physically

5.6. In the future prices of physical games might increase because it would be a collector item if consoles are built not built with disc tray

5.7. Would Netflix and sites like Hulu start streaming games for people to play and download

5.8. Would app stores need a subscription to play mobile games