A mindmap of geometry

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Geometry by Mind Map: Geometry

1. Zero Dimentions

1.1. Points

1.1.1. No dimensions, only position

2. One Dimension

2.1. Lines

2.1.1. Infinitely long, no width

2.2. Line segments

2.2.1. Have finite length, but no width

3. Two Dimensions

3.1. Polygons

3.1.1. Plane figure that is described by a finite number of straight line segments connected have 3 or more sides regular polygons: all sides are equal Interior angles in a regular polygon: ((Number of angles)-2)*180

3.1.2. Triangles Pythagoream theorem Congruence of triangles Trignometry Triangles can be similar and not congruent, sometimes- when their angles are the same length but their sides are not.

3.1.3. Quadrilaterals

3.1.4. Circles Polygons with infinite sides

3.2. Area calculations

3.2.1. Square: (side length)^2

3.2.2. Rectangle: side1*side2

3.2.3. Triangle: (0.5)(base length)(height)

3.3. Perimeter calculations

3.3.1. Square: 4*side length

3.3.2. Rectangle= 2(side1+side2)

3.4. Transversals

3.4.1. Equivalence of vertically opposite angles

3.4.2. Equivalence of corresponding angles

3.4.3. Equivalence of interior and exterior alternate angles

4. Three Dimensions

4.1. Solid geometry

4.1.1. Surface area calculations

4.1.2. Volume calculations

4.2. Solids

4.2.1. Cubes

4.2.2. Cuboids

4.2.3. Cones

4.2.4. Spheres