Finale 2018

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Finale 2018 by Mind Map: Finale 2018

1. Social&Relationships

1.1. Took more time to hang out with friends

1.2. Building a climbing friend group

1.3. Went through long-distance of half a year with Dima

1.4. Resolved conflicts faster with Dima

1.5. Got more independent in relationship

1.6. Kinda maintained old friendships. Tried to chat with Nagendra, Zhou Zeyu, Arthur, Ian

1.7. Have surface relationships with Physics people. Need to spend more time in the common area

1.8. Didn't network well with other Harvard students

1.9. Didn't call mom often

1.10. Didn't figure out sexual attention thing

1.11. Didnt build a Chinese social circle

2. Career&Work

2.1. Tried out a friendly group but didn't like the PI and the topics

2.2. Enrolled in very exiting and intellectually rewarding classes

2.3. Do not know whether to stay in academia. Need more time to figure out but the sooner the better

2.4. Getting better at networking but could network more strategically (e.g. chat with different people in colloquim)

3. Health&Fitness

3.1. Eat a balanced diet

3.2. Work out regularly even when things get busy

3.3. Got sick once right after moving

3.4. Less eating-out and rarely fast foods

3.5. Climbing hard with a systematic training routine

3.6. Checked and cleaned my teeth

3.7. Drink lots of water

3.8. Almost fixed contact problem

3.9. Thought about eye surgery but think I'm still too young for it. Need to follow news about it

3.10. Sometimes headache when its cold

3.11. Have pimples

3.12. Sleep schedule should be stablized

4. Value&Purpose

4.1. My purpose is to contribute to the society via research work

4.2. I'm living a meaningful (starting my PhD at Harvard) and enjoyable (climbing/lifting/hanging out with friends) life

4.3. I think the world would be a better place with better technological advances in science. Therefore, I'm working on a PhD in physics to prepare myself for work in the future (e.g. quantum computing/information/simulation)

4.4. I want to have a family once I get older. Working towards that with Dima :)

4.5. I'm investing more time in social life and network because I think highly of my peers at Harvard. It feels like a subconscious bias.

4.6. Being able to do something useful, inspiring is important in life. Currently I'm at the stage of learning first without being able to do anything very significant. Although Scott Young started his blog when he was 18...

4.7. I dont have a strong family value due to my upbringing but I'm more and more convinced that it's important part of life

5. Contribution&Impact

5.1. I contributed to Lorenz research this past year. It has not been very productive but I'm learning to get better

5.2. Donated some old clothes I didn't really need

5.3. Introduced new people into climbing/Organized some group activities

5.4. Doing average in terms of environmental impact: use mostly public transportation (could use less Lyft/Uber); Recycle things but could do it more carefully

5.5. Did not participate any volunteering activities but helped Sophia family a tiny bit

6. Location&Tangibles

6.1. I dont own too much stuff and can readily move

6.2. Living in Boston: a city that I really like. Studying at Harvard whose philosophy coincides mine.

6.3. Bought some not great clothes that I rarely wore in the past

6.4. Had lots of books that I haven't read

6.5. My deskchair could be more comfortable. My desk table could be better

6.6. I bought too much stuff from Amazon and sometimes felt lazy to return them.

7. Money&Finances

7.1. Had some savings from parents

7.2. Got some bonus money from Harvard

7.3. Have around 5000 dollars (after paying Dima) that could potentially go to investment

7.4. Bought lots of stuff from Amazon: ~ 2000+600+800

7.5. Dont really budget. Should start budgeting

7.6. Always felt like I had enough money. Should spend it more carefully on household stuff

7.7. Should Learn how to invest

8. Education&Skill

8.1. Mostly taking technical classes

8.2. Learned about nutrition for some time. Need to keep it

8.3. Watched Ted talks before starting PhD. Need to keep doing it

8.4. not learning any particular practical skills: computer science

8.5. Didn't read a single book... Read a bit of unfinished book

9. Emotion&Well-being

9.1. Recognized situations when not feeling well and talked to someone in counseling

9.2. Communicated better with Dima compared to the past: can think about my feelings faster now

9.3. Saw counselors to work out issues

9.4. Wrote diaries for some time but didn't keep it

9.5. Went to a workshop about emotions once but didn't go regularly

9.6. Need to build other ways of regulating stress other than exercise: talking to a close friend/intellectually relaxing activities

9.7. Usually more pessimistic

9.8. Felt insecure from time to time and potentially used sexual attention as temporary relief. Still need to figure out what it is

9.9. Could not pin point what exactly is going on by myself: relationship, sex

9.10. Didnt practice minfulness or self-compassion

9.11. Doesn't have anyone to talk to about deep emotional stuff except for Dima

10. Character&Identity

10.1. Kind and respectful

10.2. Good sense of responsibility: research/roommate/friend

10.3. Independence is key strength

10.4. Still not spontaneous in terms of sharing but got better at sharing personal experiences

10.5. Sometimes afraid of speaking up

10.6. Not self-disciplined from time to time: not getting up on time; not going to office when its planed; not doing work at home

10.7. Reservedness may be a weakness

10.8. Didnt preserve Chinese identity that well...

10.9. Sometimes lack confidence: class presentation/waitress

11. Productivity&Organization

11.1. Made fitness plan and more or less stuck with it with some flexibility

11.2. Productive when strict deadlines are close

11.3. Did not do special summary of classes

11.4. Work space had lots of unused paper notes

11.5. Became very stressful from time to time due to work. Could organize workload better by using todo-ist

11.6. Often distracted by social media/online entertainments

11.7. Not much routines except when enforced by class deadline

11.8. Sometimes listened to too much music for relaxation. Need a limit reminder

11.9. Wasted time thinking about sex stuff

12. Adventure&Creativity

12.1. Climbing as major hobby

12.2. Developed weight-lifting as side hobby

12.3. Tried out skiing!

12.4. Started outdoor bouldering

12.5. tried out flying

12.6. Visited lots of new cities while touring for grad school: Pasadena, Stanford. Berkeley, SF, Rochester, Cambridge, New Jersey, Princeton, ...

12.7. Did not go camping

12.8. Not much climbing trips at UIUC