My experience in Pret A Manger. .Bullied during Bereavement.

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My PRET A MANGER Ordeal by Mind Map: My PRET A MANGER Ordeal

1. Pret Staff Complaints

1.1. Pret Staff Complaints

1.2. Undercover Reporter in Pret

1.3. Pret's PR with Former Homeless

1.4. NEW Pret's Marketing with HOMELESSNESS

2. My Brother

3. Miscellaneous

3.1. Back-up Site

3.2. Twitter lying about "Shadow Banning"

3.3. About Me

4. Customer Deaths & Ongoing Concerns

4.1. Pret Sued for Deceptive Packaging

4.2. Customer Warnings Ignored

4.3. Ongoing Issues: Hospitalization, Mislabelling

4.4. CEO Clive Schlee's Delay until Public Outcry

5. My Toxic HR Experience

5.1. Pret Use Bereaved Against Bereaved

5.2. How I Became Late Night Girl

5.3. The Perversion of a Toxic HR Department

5.4. How I Spiraled into Emailing