Global Learning Festival 2018

Constellation network organise Global Learning events each year to gather facilitators, communities and associations together and learn about an issue related to local responses/local initiatives. This map describe the journey of this global event organise in Bandung Indonesia

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Global Learning Festival 2018 by Mind Map: Global Learning Festival 2018

1. SALT visits

1.1. Story harvesting

1.1.1. Process Mothers with HIV support group at Sumur Bandun "Sustainability of Local Responses and support organisations: Looking below the surface" - By Luc Barriere Sekolah Perempuan - Network and school of women writers "One milion writters : It's all about patience!" - by Laurie Khorchi Performance of the visitors "Safe space' for vulnerable children providing positive life changes" - by Autry Hayne Srikandi Pasundan - Group of transgender Performance: From stuck to being in flow

1.2. Communities

1.2.1. Health center

1.2.2. KAP - AIDS support group Powerpoint presentation

1.3. Family Planning Field Worker

1.3.1. "Strawberry field for ever" by Marlou de Rouw Rigor and hard work, once combined with ownership and love for those around us gives us a sustainable response that is sweet and healthy.

2. Collective reflexions Sustainability of local responses around the world

2.1. Les ingrédients de la pérennité des réponses locales (FRENCH)

2.2. Newsletter special GLF

2.3. Collective reflexions - Notes of the 5th December Zoom conversation

2.4. Life video of Jean-Louis Lamboray and participants (here Laurie Khorchi) in french

2.5. Life video of Jean-Louis Lamboray and participants in english

3. The first GLF lead by the hosting local support team

3.1. The concept note

3.2. Invitation

3.3. Logistical informations

3.4. The road to the GLF 2018 - By IndoCompetence

3.4.1. "IndoCompetence at the heart of the Global Support" - Blog by Marlou De Rouw Lesson learned :“When we share responsibility in reaching a shared goal, the happiness for the journey is there for all of us to enjoy” - Marlou De Rouw

3.4.2. "I'm living my dream" - by Wiwin Wirnani

4. Sessions

4.1. Agenda

4.1.1. Planned Agenda

4.1.2. Adapted Agenda

4.2. Why are we still moving? The key learning of the IndoCompetence experience of a resilient Local Support Team.

4.3. What is the role and posture of a local support team?

4.3.1. Notes of the session

4.4. What is SALT and CLCP?

4.4.1. Process developped by a group to facilitate this preparation

4.4.2. Who are we? Let's experience the 1st step of the CLCP process

4.5. Market Place

4.6. Session on story harvesting

4.7. SALT Visits preparations

5. Atmosphere of the event

6. Why Global Learning Events are important?

6.1. Sohail Bawani - To bring sanity to the world

6.1.1. Blog of Sohail Bawani Lesson learned: “When we share our deeper senses of knowing and relating, events like GLFs are and will be meaningful in centuries to come.”

6.2. Learning has so many form and faces - by Wiwin winarni

6.2.1. Lesson learned: "When sharing take place, assimilation and improvement of impressions and experiences occur."

6.3. Compilation of online Reflexion After Experience

6.4. Sharing is Learning

6.4.1. Ranga Thangavelu - To stimulate deep learnings