Jeffrey Cardona PC

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Jeffrey Cardona PC by Mind Map: Jeffrey Cardona PC

1. PC Operating Systems

1.1. Ubuntu 11.04

1.1.1. Pros: Free Secure

1.1.2. Cons: Not easy to use for Mac and Windows Users Limited to the latest innovative applications

1.2. Windows 7

1.2.1. Pros: Gaming Everyone uses this operating system

1.2.2. Cons: Expensive Very bad security

1.3. Mac OS X

1.3.1. Pros: Sheer innovative look and feel Strong and stable

1.3.2. Cons: Tech Support Lack of hardware upgrading

2. Browsers

2.1. Google Chrome

2.1.1. Pros Fast Great Sync feature

2.1.2. Cons Older Extensions Sometimes don't work Built in PDF reader sometimes redirects to download option.


2.2. IE9

2.2.1. Pros Download manager with malware protection. Improved tab function.

2.2.2. Cons Only works in Windows 7 and Vista. Absence of an inline spell check.


2.3. Mozilla Firefox

2.3.1. Pros Syncing for tabs, history, passwords and more. Graphics hardware acceleration.

2.3.2. Cons Still trails Chrome and IE9 on some benchmarks. Lacks Chrome's built in Flash, PDF reader, and Instant page view.


2.4. Safari

2.4.1. Pros OS X Lion integration Security and privacy improvements

2.4.2. Cons Occasional rendering glitches On some machines, the slowest JavaScript benchmark of any current browser


2.5. Opera

2.5.1. Pros Turbo feature makes slow connections even faster. Live tiles on start page.

2.5.2. Cons Extension gallery not as extensive as Firefox's or Chrome's. Some sites display a message saying the browser isn't supported.


3. Hardware

3.1. Motherboard

3.1.1. Cost

3.1.2. Cooling

3.1.3. Capable of being improved

3.2. Processor (CPU)

3.2.1. Quad-Core Intel Intel® Core i7-2920XM

3.2.2. 8-Core AMD AMD FX 8-Core Processor

3.3. Ram

3.3.1. DDR2

3.3.2. DDR3

3.3.3. DDR4

3.4. Power Supply Unit (PSU)

3.4.1. Watts

3.5. HDD

3.5.1. RPMs

3.5.2. Size

3.6. SSD

3.6.1. Size

3.7. Peripherals & What I currently own

3.7.1. Keyboard Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard

3.7.2. Mouse Logitech G400 Laser Gaming Mouse

3.7.3. Headphones Logitech G35 Gaming Headset

3.7.4. Mic Logitech G35 Gaming Headset

3.7.5. Webcam Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910

3.7.6. Mousepad Func Industries Personalized gaming mousepad My Mousepad Where to Purchase