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Unacademy https://unacademy.com by Mind Map: Unacademy https://unacademy.com

1. Home/Feed

1.1. Search

1.1.1. Search Results Trending names Recent searches Typed Sort options Group cards Educator profile card/Unacademy curator profile Course list/card

1.2. Categories

1.2.1. Search Results Goal Groups Topic Groups Top Educators See all/last 30 days Educator profile List Courses

1.3. Preselected Goal/Goal icon

1.3.1. My Goals Topics Screen

1.4. Thumbnails of Followed Educators

1.4.1. Educator's Feed Course/Lesson Cards Course screen

1.5. Recommended Educators

1.5.1. Educator Cards Educator Name/Followers Educator profile Educator description Total courses CTA - Follow

1.6. Activity of followed Educators

1.6.1. Course Cards Big profile name with activitiy name Educator profile Language of the course Topic name Title Ratings Profile name Bookmark Likes comments Whatsapp share

1.7. Notifications

1.7.1. Notifications from Followed educators Course screen

1.7.2. Settings Screen General Security Preferences Logout

2. Plus

2.1. Local search

2.2. Featured course card

2.2.1. Plus course screen Course preview Course start / overview Course curriculum Course overview Educator profile card Plus FAQ Paywall CTA

2.3. Courses by educators you follow/PLus course cards

2.4. Browse courses/ Plus course card

3. Profile

3.1. Help/Report

3.2. Settings

3.3. Name

3.4. Credits/Messages/Watch history/Referral

3.5. Selected category top learneres list

3.5.1. Today

3.5.2. Yesterday

3.5.3. Last 7 days

3.5.4. How gamification works

4. My Library

4.1. Local Search

4.2. Continue Learning

4.3. Bookmarked courses/lessons (downloads toggle)

4.3.1. Course Card Course Screen

5. Educator