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My Utopia by Mind Map: My Utopia

1. Since there would be no more poverty nor hunger, there would be no more homeless people on the streets.

1.1. Cities would be much cleaner.

1.2. Tourism would increase.

1.3. Mortality rate due to hunger and poverty would decrease.

1.4. Crime rate would decline.

2. Gender Equality

2.1. Women would be treated equally as men.

2.1.1. Women would be payed the same as their male counterparts.

2.1.2. Women would be given the same opportunities as men.

2.1.3. Women would be equally represented as men.

2.1.4. Women's products would not be high priced compared to the male products.

2.1.5. Women would be allowed to do exactly the same things as men, such as driving - nowadays, in some places world wide women cannot drive!

3. No Extreme Poverty

3.1. No poverty does not mean everyone is rich!

3.1.1. Everyone would have sufficient money to maintain themselves, and their families.

3.1.2. Everyone would have sufficient money to at least afford: Food Water Clothing Shelter Education Medical tratement

3.2. Someone who is poor lacks sufficient money to live at a standard way of live.

4. Religious Tolerance

4.1. Anyone could be whatever religion they want, even atheist.

4.2. No one would judge, attack, or offend the other people due to their religion.

4.3. There would be no hate attacks.

5. No Racism

5.1. There would be no racist attacks, hate attacks.

5.2. Every race would be offered the same opportunities, no matter their race.

5.3. Every race would be treated equally, no matter their race.

5.4. Mortality rate would decrease, a lot of people die due to hate attacks.

6. No Restrictive Boundaries

6.1. There would still be different countries, states, and cities. There would just not be any "restrictive" boundaries.

6.1.1. Anyone would be able to access any place without having to ask for permission.

6.1.2. Anyone would be able to temporarily access any place, not stay - a permit would be needed for that.

6.2. The world was given to us without boundaries, I believe it should stay that way. We are no one to say, "You cannot enter this place", no. The land was given to us humans, not to a certain group of people - which would give them the right to restrict other people from entering.

7. No Hunger

7.1. There would be no more hungry people. Everyone would eat.

7.2. Anyone who cannot afford to buy food, would be provided healthy food to at least reach a caloric intake of ~2,000 calories.