Fitbit Integrated Branding & Promotional Mindmap

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Fitbit Integrated Branding & Promotional Mindmap by Mind Map: Fitbit Integrated Branding & Promotional Mindmap

1. Possible Influencers

1.1. Athletes (sponsor them)

1.1.1. High-profile athletes Target: Canadians Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Sidney Crosby Target: Americans Simone Biles LeBron James

1.1.2. youth/Up-and-coming athletes i.e. NHL drafts, soccer/basketball team prospects

1.2. Celebrities

1.2.1. Youthful/Positive/Healthy Lifestyle Emma Watson

1.3. Can create specific workouts (weightlifting, cycling etc.) exclusive for Fitbit users

2. Vendors

2.1. FGL Sports Companies

2.1.1. Sport Chek

2.1.2. Atmosphere

2.1.3. Sports Experts

2.2. Promotional Partners

2.2.1. Sport Chek facilitates seasonal promotions (Fitbit will go on sale as part of its tech sales) Combine with other retail: purchase Fitbit + 25% off shoes or accessories (e.g. Fitbit headphones) Cultivate good reputation through donating a lot of money (or Fitbit Ace products) to FGL's "Jumpstart" program

2.2.2. SPC seasonal sales on SPC site; discount at original purchase

2.2.3. Spotify Spotify Student Deal: Paired with free app download on FitBit watches

2.2.4. Gymshark mutual promotion: purchase a Fitbit product, receive 15% discount for Gymshark or vice versa

3. Marketing/Promotional Ideas

3.1. Seasonal

3.1.1. Black Friday (30% off) Student/senior deal: 40% off

3.1.2. Boxing Day: 26% off Students/senior deal: 36% off (+10%)

3.1.3. Holiday Promo: BOGO 20% off Fitbit adult devices (activity bands or smartwatches)

3.1.4. Back to school Fitbit Family & Fitbit Student discounts

3.2. Students/Younger Demographic

3.2.1. Key Messages: Structured Workout Plans (Easy incorporation) Flexible & customizable Stylish & multipurpose

3.3. Family Deals

3.3.1. Fitbit Ace (kids version): 40% off with the purchase of 2 adult Fitbit smartwatches or bands at regular price; (up to 3 Aces maximum)

3.4. Social Media Campaigns

3.4.1. Instragram individual personae (see "Find your community" campaign) Release of Fitbit community section Take real positive testimonials and highlight on instagram page Feature posts made by public instagram users & influencers wearing/using Fitbit products using #fitbitcommunity #findyourcommunity

3.4.2. Facebook Ads Videos Posts

3.4.3. Collaborative with partners/vendors

3.4.4. Website/Forum launch should be linked in social media

3.4.5. Twitter: short ads (on the "Fitbit Community")

3.5. Note: heighten social media promotions & launch ad campaigns 2 weeks (cumulative escalation) before seasonal promotions being

4. Branding Ideas

4.1. "Fitbit Community" Expansion

4.1.1. Target Groups: Fitbit Family Fitbit Senior Fitbit Student

4.1.2. Catchphrases: "Move together" (Fitbit Family) "Move to maximize" (Fitbit Student) "Move to uplift" (Fitbit Senior) "Find your community" create targeted ad campaigns (e.g. social media) for people according to certain attributes "Find your creative" "Find your inspiration" "Find your balance"

4.1.3. Separate logos for each "Community" target

4.1.4. Goal: to pair people with similar goals/interests and connect them within the greater Fitbit community, so as to maximize optimal learning & growth together through shared experiences

5. Testing User Responses

5.1. Social Media Monitoring

5.1.1. Sentiment Analysis

5.1.2. Engagement

5.1.3. Via: Hootsuite To track comments/responses on social media platforms Youtube Review videos Fitbit Forum Online review sites Customer feedback surveys Demographic stats (who actually signs up for what Fitbit Community)