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What is this Digital Citizenship?https://www.slideshare.net/jaylieainavalle/teaching-new-literacy-in-a-digital-world/10?src=clipshare by Mind Map: What is this Digital Citizenship?https://www.slideshare.net/jaylieainavalle/teaching-new-literacy-in-a-digital-world/10?src=clipshare

1. Marie Fryda- More than Internet safety..

2. Tips to Manage your digital Footprint (Lashonda Abdussatar) - ARTICLE

2.1. Be Kind, Helpful and Understanding

3. Digital Citizenship: 5 Tips for Parents (Anne Saltsman)

4. Student Guide To Digital Citizenship (Anne Saltsman)

5. Digital Citizenship in Action: 6 steps to awesome online discussions (ISTE) (Marissa Pence)

5.1. 1. Treat all conversations as learning opportunities.

5.2. 2. Read and reflect on the ideas of others.

5.3. 3. Take time to read and understand an original post before commenting.

5.4. 4. Use evidence and personal experiences to support opinions.

5.5. 5. Express disagreement respectfully.

5.6. 6. Encourage all community members to share their ideas.

6. Lessons on Digital Citizenship (Franchesca Noday)

6.1. Lesson Ideas

6.2. Project Idea

7. The Power of a Digital Footprint (Sara Morgan)

7.1. Digital Footprint & Internet Safety

7.2. Update privacy settings

7.2.1. Create strong passwords Complete software updates Conduct positive online behavior

8. Intellectual Property Rights (Meghan Arrington)

8.1. Copyright

8.2. Fair Use

8.3. Plagiarism

9. The 9 P's of Digital Citizenship (Sara Morgan)

9.1. The 9 P's of Digital Citizenship

9.1.1. Privacy

9.1.2. Password

9.1.3. Property

9.1.4. Permission

9.1.5. Plagiarism

9.1.6. Protection

9.1.7. Professionalism

9.1.8. Personal Brand

9.1.9. Photographs

10. Digital Literacy Curriculum (Katie Duchek)

10.1. Assessing the Credibility of an Online Source (Katie Duchek)

10.1.1. Who created it?

10.1.2. Why did they create it?

10.1.3. Whom is the message for?

10.1.4. What techniques are being used to make this message credible?

10.1.5. What details were left out and why?

10.1.6. How did the message make me feel?

11. Global Digital Citizen Foundation (Deb Weaver) -Respect for yourself -Responsibility for yourself -Respect for others -Responsibility for others -Respect for property -Responsibility for others

12. Goals of Digital Literacy (Heather Miller)

12.1. The Intersecting Goals of Digital Citizenship Education v 2.5 by @wfryer & Marcia Moore

12.1.1. 9 overlapping areas including stakeholder involvement

12.1.2. More than just Internet Safety, these goals overlap

13. Digital Safety (Jessica Amodio)

13.1. Privacy

13.2. Respecting others and their privacy

13.2.1. Be The Best Version of Yourself Online: Respect and Self-Respect (Jessica Amodio)

13.3. Recognizing and reporting inappropriate communication and sites

13.3.1. Cyber Safety (Jessica Amodio)

14. Instructional Strategies to embed Digital Citizenship (Franchesca Noday)

14.1. Create projects that practice digital citizenship knowledge

14.2. Include digital citizenship criteria on rubrics

14.3. Provide positive and negative examples specific to the digital platform being used

14.4. Allow students to play a role in setting expectations when working on a specific digital platform

14.5. Set expectations to support digital citizenship each time of use

15. Cyber Threats (Meghan Arrington

15.1. Identifying hoaxes and fakes

15.2. Challenging confirmation biases

15.3. Knowing how advertisement spreads misinformation

15.4. Preventing identity theft and scams

16. Digital Citizenship: Resources for Parents (Meghan Cline)

17. Khan Academt: Cybersecurity 101: (Meghan Cline)

18. For Educators (Christie Ward)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeQSqWCyumw&t=1701s

19. Protecting your digital Footprint (Lashonda Abdussatar)

19.1. Be Careful about

19.1.1. What you share

19.1.2. Where you share

19.1.3. With whom you share

19.2. Be Smart about

19.2.1. Emails you open

19.2.2. Sites you visit

19.2.3. Links you click

20. Clean Up Your Digital Footprint - A platform for good (Christie Ward) How to Clean up your footprint

21. Digital Citizenship in Action (Marissa Pence)

22. Getting a Digital Driving License protects us all on the Internet - Marie Fryda

23. Introducing Digital Literacy to Students (Heather Miller)

23.1. What Is Digital Citizenship? | Common Sense Education

23.1.1. Thinking critically

23.1.2. Being a careful consumer

23.1.3. Being safe using media

24. Digital Citizenship Pledge for Elementary Students (Marissa Pence)