Challenge skateboarding experience for entrepreneurs with AI

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Challenge skateboarding experience for entrepreneurs with AI by Mind Map: Challenge skateboarding experience for entrepreneurs with AI

1. Entrepreneurs

1.1. young people (like technology ?)

1.2. busy : time saver

1.3. New way of consuming

1.4. not a lot of money

1.5. want to improve the society and so the mobility

2. Skateboard

2.1. À quand les véritables hoverboards de «Retour vers le futur»?

2.2. Monowheels

2.3. Classic Skateboards


3. Ideas about "Challenge skateboarding experience for entrepreneurs with AI"

3.1. Add new simple features to skateboards

3.1.1. a skate which permits to take a foot bath

3.1.2. A skate which is doing foot massage (it hurts to stay up)

3.1.3. a skate able to measure one's weight

3.2. Create a new application related to the use of skateboards

3.2.1. Some already exists Skate video platform, Learning new tricks, Skate spots Top 3 applications de skateboard! - 33mag

3.2.2. Concept 1

3.3. Reinventing the skateboard to design a new way to move

3.3.1. Concept 2

3.3.2. The skateboard is tinier than a car so an autonomous skateboard can go where an autonomous car cannot go for instance

3.3.3. VertiGo: The Wall-Racing Robot (Full Video)

4. Artificial intelligence

4.1. Theory

4.1.1. Machine learning Deep learning "Strong" IA, in constant improvement, able to have reactions and conclusions if a problem arises. Forecast analysis to infer rules based on patterns, models, algorithms Analyse data to be able to predict. Take decisions

4.1.2. Optimization

4.1.3. adaptive learning

4.1.4. Analyse and understand huge quantities of data

4.1.5. Ability to improve itself continually

4.2. Interactions

4.2.1. chatbots

4.2.2. traduction

4.3. Recognition

4.3.1. Images

4.3.2. texts

4.3.3. songs voices

4.3.4. logistic

4.4. Creation

4.4.1. images

4.4.2. musics

4.4.3. Distinction digital world / physical world Augmented reality adds a new digital layer to reality Virtual Reality whole new "digital environment", detached from the current and real environment

4.4.4. art

4.5. Impact on industries, change the way entreprises do business

4.5.1. IA has huge disruptive potential in a wide range of industries Better respond to the needs of customers help clients, ancitipate their behaviors Optimization

4.6. Fear of the drawbacks of IA

4.6.1. Ex: Bill Gates, Hawkings