Life Mission Map

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Life Mission Map by Mind Map: Life Mission Map

1. Instructions

1.1. Build Your Life (I.A.P.E)

1.1.1. Identify

1.1.2. Assessment Establish Criteria Does it line up with what God has commanded? Does it line up with who I am? Can we enact this without breaking something else? Phase 1 Read Narrative Add / Subtract / Modify Make Assessment Phase 2 Assess Subelements Add / Subtract / Modify Update Overall Assessment

1.1.3. Prioritize NOW: Effort and Attention NEXT: Effort and Attention LATER: Effort and Attention Average vs Surplus

1.1.4. Execute Identify Practices Schedule Practices Re-Prioritize Repeat Operations Site

2. Must

2.1. Time with Family

2.2. Involvement in Foreign Mission

2.3. Stay Active / Compete

2.4. Teach Others

2.5. Everyday Mission

2.6. Work with Kids

2.7. Be a part of a team working to win/accomplish something

3. Must NOT

3.1. Travel a Lot for Work

3.2. Watch TV Shows

4. Mind

5. Body

5.1. Monthly Chiropractic

5.2. Annual Cancer Screening

5.3. Annual Doctor Visit

5.4. Quarterly Deep Tissue Massage

6. Performance Health

6.1. Sleep

6.1.1. Bedtime Routine

6.1.2. Average 7 Hours of Sleep

6.2. Strength

6.3. Diet

6.4. Mindfulness

6.5. Endurance

6.6. Mobility

7. Money

7.1. Practices

7.1.1. Protection Disability Emergency Plan Disability Protection Life Emergency Plan Adequate Life Savings Auto/Home Insurance Umbrella Insurance Legal Wills POA Medical Health Insurance HSA ID Theft

7.1.2. Sufficiency Analytics Weekly Budget Review Monthly Budget Analysis Annual Taxes Quarterly Budget Analysis Annual Budget Allocation and Planning Monthly Margin Built Into Budget Non-Mortgage Debt Eliminated Retirement 1 Million by 55 Retirement possible at 60 until 100 Available credit to live one year Chase $10,000 Citi $10,5000 AmEx $8000 CCCU $4000 Savings equal to 6 months income

7.1.3. Surplus Give away 20% of our income Money for children for when they are adults

7.1.4. Taxes

7.2. Subelements

7.2.1. Protection Life Insurance Disability Insurance Auto and Home Insurance Umbrella Insurance Legal Wills Trusts Powers of Attorney

7.2.2. Sufficiency Maintain Awareness - Am I taking care of things now and later? Savings - can I respond to an emergency? Debt - unnecessary debt eliminated

7.2.3. Surplus Am I setting up my children for success? Am I investing into eternity?

8. Spirit

8.1. Daily Devotional with Kids

8.2. Daily Study/Pray with Wife

8.3. Weekly Church Gathering

8.4. Weekly Bible Study/Small Group with MEN

8.5. Regular Involvement in Overseas Mission

8.6. Monthly Prayer and Fasting Day

8.7. Daily Quiet Time

9. Fun

9.1. Subelements

9.1.1. Bike

9.1.2. Camping

9.1.3. Canoeing

9.1.4. Challenges

9.1.5. Family Adventures

9.1.6. Swimming at the Lake

9.1.7. Passion

9.1.8. Visiting Family in KC

9.1.9. Martial Arts BJJ ATA TKD

9.1.10. Sports

9.1.11. Hike

9.2. Practices

9.2.1. Weekly Activies Martial Arts TKD Class TKD Practice Weekend Family Adventure Good Weather Bad Weather

9.2.2. 10x Events Visit Family in KC Athletic Competition Martial Arts Camp Festivus Game Spring Turkey Trot Triathalon Festivus Games Fall Beat the Bitter Race (5K)

9.2.3. 20x Events (1 Annual) Kokoro Camp Survival School Africa Missionary Trips NASM Certification CrossFit L1 Certification Mobility Certification EMT Certification Marathon Climb a Mountain

10. Tribe

10.1. Weekly Hulme Family Meal

10.2. Weekly Vaughan Family Meal

10.3. Bi-Weekly Friend Meeting

10.4. Monthly Mentee Meeting

10.5. Monthly Mentor Meeting

11. Career

11.1. Subelements

11.1.1. CCCU 40 Hours/Week Ikigai Doing what I love Doing what the world needs Doing what I can be paid for Doing what I'm good at Benefits PTO (Time Give-Back) Health Insurance Life/Disability Protection Phone and Gym Reimbursements

11.1.2. Firefighter Volunteer Ikigai Doing what I love Doing what the world needs Doing what I can be paid for Doing what I'm good at 5 Hours/Week (During Academy)

11.1.3. Church/Foreign Mission Volunteer (Trustee time or Africa Time ONLY) Ikigai Doing what I love Doing what the world needs Doing what I can be paid for Doing what I'm good at 5 Hours/Week

11.2. Fireman Pursuit

11.2.1. Firefighter Academy

11.2.2. Regular Training Sessions

11.2.3. EMT Certification

11.2.4. Rotating Duty

11.2.5. Paramedic

11.3. CCCU Pursuits

11.3.1. CCCU Time Allotment (no class) Design and Build Time (15) Open for Meetings/Tasks (20) Coaching (1) Planning (2) Learn and Grow (2)

11.3.2. CCCU Time Allotment (class) Deliver (35) Prep (2.5) Debrief/Think (2) Email Management (.5)

11.3.3. Education/Growth ATD Adult Learning Certificate

11.3.4. PTO Allotment

11.4. Church/Mission Pursuits

11.4.1. ?

12. Safety & Protection

13. Gear & Technology

13.1. Cars

13.1.1. Regular Car Checks

13.1.2. 6 Month Maintenance

14. Helping Others

15. Family

15.1. Dates with Kids

15.2. Dates with Wife

15.3. Weekly Marriage Meetings