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1. Improve IM Coordination, Communication & Collaboration

1.1. Activate IM WG of all IMOs through Skype

1.2. Create IM TF to work on the technical side of the IM toolkit update

1.3. Keeping GNC Website update

1.4. Keeping GNC Contact List update

1.4.1. Sync UNICEF Outlook CHE-EMOPS GNC Nutrition Cluster Coordinators with Contact list

1.4.2. Sync UNICEF Outlook CHE-EMOPS GNC Information Management Officers with Contact list

2. Activate IM Helpdesk

2.1. Orientation of the new IMOs on the IM and toolkit

2.2. Design Online IM checklist

2.3. One on one discussions with all IMOs as per the IM checklist

2.4. Improve Country Website Content

3. Support improve GNC Website

3.1. Support Tivix in design the gnc wireframe

3.2. Support Tivix in design the gnc Mock Ups

3.3. Arrange a meeting with GNC team for feedback

3.4. Share with NCC/IM for Feedback

3.5. Support Tivix in GNC document a content management guide for

3.6. Support Tivix in design icons for both websites, and finalize design of logo and visual identity for the GNC

3.7. Attened Tivix Kickoff / Discovery Workshop (1 Week)

3.8. Remotely support software development life cycle

3.9. Test environments for the GNC platform

3.10. Ensure the transfer of content from the existing website to the new one

3.11. Ensure it is not “heavy” in terms of traffic

3.12. Ensure neutral hosting to ensure website IP is not blocked in some countries

3.13. Final feedback from GNC team and NCC/IM

3.14. Attened Tivix Release Workshop (1 Week)

4. Improve GNC IM Toolkit

4.1. Mapping GIS Gaps Analysis

4.1.1. Organise a conference call with all new IMOs on CDC mapping project with Amber

4.1.2. Identify a few IMOs to review the questionnaire

4.1.3. Piloting in two Countries

4.2. All in one GNC Excel database

4.2.1. Nutrition Partner reporting tools

4.2.2. Nutrition Supply Management

4.2.3. BMS violations tracking

4.2.4. 4Ws

4.2.5. Capacity mapping

4.2.6. Caseload target and supplies calculator

4.2.7. Surveys database

5. Improve GNC IM Visualization Products

5.1. Nutrition Cluster style guide

5.2. Update Country Website guidance for platform

5.3. Static

5.3.1. Design different Monthly map template adobe illustrator

5.3.2. Design different Dsahboard template adobe illustrator

5.3.3. Design Nutrition Cluster Bulletin template MS publisher

5.4. Interactive

5.4.1. Design Interactive dashboard template Tableau

5.4.2. Design Interactive dashboard template Power BI

5.5. Update List of free Online Survey Tools

5.6. List of online mapping tools

6. Design Online Nutrition Information System (NIS)

6.1. Nutrition Beneficiaries Calculation Methodology

6.2. Develop GNC Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL)

6.3. NIS Development Life Cycle Guideline

6.3.1. Design the data flow digram

6.3.2. Design Wirefram and Mock up

6.3.3. Define User role and right

6.3.4. Data Validation

6.3.5. Data Visualization

6.4. Design NIS in Etools

6.4.1. Piloting in one Country

6.5. Design NIS in ActivityInfo

6.5.1. Piloting in one Country

6.6. Design NIS in DHIS2

6.6.1. Piloting in one Country

7. Design Nutrition Information System python package (NISPP)

7.1. Convert Data to GNC Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL)

7.2. Flag Package

7.3. Analysis Package

7.4. Visualization Package

8. Ad-Hoc Task

8.1. Analysis Survey Evaluation Form for GNC Annual meeting 2018

8.2. Analysis Survey UNICEF CLA improvement recommendations 2018

8.3. Annual Year Review report 2018

8.4. Mid Year Review report 2019

8.5. Prepare GNC Annual meeting 2019