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germany timeline by Mind Map: germany timeline

1. metal age

1.1. bronze age

1.2. cooper age

1.3. iron age

1.4. gold age

2. stone age

2.1. palaleothic


4. tools

4.1. -Hammer made of iron and stone

4.2. - anvil made of metal to enhance they're tools

4.3. spear made of stone and iron

4.4. harvesting axe made of metal and stone

4.5. bronze ax

4.6. sword made of iron

4.7. armor made of iron

4.8. pickaxe made of metal

4.9. harvesting knifes made of metal

4.10. iron sickle for harvest

5. culture

5.1. The Germanic people made a impact of the development of europe, by germany have a interaction with the roman culture. germany first soldier was barbarians to protect the empire, but the german empire changed and descend europe until it was over.

6. what is prehistoric period