Senate Election 2018

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Senate Election 2018 by Mind Map: Senate Election 2018

1. 3) Examine a second issue of labor/wages in your race, and the candidates' takes on the issue.

1.1. Michigan

1.1.1. D-Stabenow Stabenow is a member of the Senate Finance Committee. In which she wants to bring down the cost of safe, low-cost prescription drugs, and give Medicare the power to negotiate prescription drug prices for seniors. She believes that raising wages would not only help struggling families, but would keep skilled workers from moving "out of state for better pay". Stabenow is against wage discrimination based on gender, and is pro-labor record.

1.1.2. R-James John James believes in better wages and increasing economic opprotunity in the state of Michigan. He believes another step to a better economy is to develop strategies to address our nation debt. He's focused on finding cost effective, patient centered, medical solutions that provide quality health care at low cost, and returning lifelong investments.

1.2. Vermont

1.2.1. D-Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders is a strong believe that the minimum wage is too low and that it needs to be raised. His suggested rate of a hour would be $15 because this would provide families with a suitable way of living.

1.2.2. R-Lawrence Zupan Lawrence Zupan has not directly addressed the issue, but he has reminded the public that he is against Sanders views of wages

1.3. Utah

1.3.1. R-Mitt Romney Mitt Romney believes in lowering taxes for businesses, because it would help the company grow, raising the wages of the people there.

1.3.2. D-Jenny Wilson Jenny Wilson believes in raising the minimum wage and in creating jobs to help the individual family to prosper. She has not proposed a plan though.

2. 2) Examine the issue of jobs and economy in your race, and your candidates' view points.

2.1. Utah

2.1.1. R-Mitt Romney Mitt Romney believes strongly in creating jobs for americans. He also believes strongly in cutting the taxes to businesses, this will make them more able to imploy more people and create more jobs within the company. He supports growth of business and less government involvement in the economy.

2.1.2. D-Jenny Wilson Jenny Wilson wants people to make more money and proposes less taxes to the poor and more to the rich and big businesses. She proposes increased taxes to big businesses, slowing down economic growth.

2.2. Michigan

2.2.1. D-Stabenow Stabenow's economic plan focuses on growing a diverse Michigan economy that includes manufacturing and technology, small business creation and agriculture, education and career training. She believes in Fair Trade, is authoring the Bring Jobs Home Act, and authored the Make it in America Act. As Chair of the Agriculture Committee, Stabenow worked to pass the bipartisan 2014 Farm Bill, which was signed into law right in Michigan. She built on that success in coauthoring the bipartisan 2018 Farm Bill. The updated Farm Bill offers support to beginning farmers, veterans, and urban agriculture, permanent support for exports and local food promotion, and that's only to name a few.

2.2.2. R-James James focuses on up-scaling existing labor force and increasing entrepreneurship. He supports a balanced budget amendment and will work to cut waste and consolidate or eliminate entire departments in the federal bureaucracy. He supports free, but fair trade. James understands that jobs are part of the solution, but not the only solution. James realizes that the connection between economy and jobs is that the more people with jobs, the more money the economy earns. He says it's a cycle.

2.3. California

2.3.1. D- Dianne Feinstein Bringing more work to the US and less form import to provide jobs. She also has a plan in mind t set up a Bracero system to increase import to counter the decrease in agricultural work force. She is also fighting to increase the minimum wage to $15/ hour.

2.3.2. D- Kevin de Leon Kevin de Leon supports laws that require 50 percent of electricity to be generated from renewable sources. this system has created tens of thousands of jobs for California. He is also an advocate for $15 minimum wage.

3. 1) What are the greatest strengths or most glaring weaknesses of your candidates?

3.1. Vermont

3.1.1. D-Bernie Sanders Strengths of Bernie Sanders’ are his experience and his willing to say what the majority want to hear despite it not being possible. A weakness of Sanders is lack of argument. In the debate between him and Lawrence Zupan, his opponent, Bernie seemed unable to quite argue back. His arguments came off as weak and unconvincing with little to no effort. He performed poorly during the debate and despite his opponent not being aggressive.

3.1.2. R-Lawrence Zupan Strengths: going out of his way to have a debate with Sanders, having a good clean debate that stated clear facts and establish more of his views of the issues. Weakness: not stating his views in the beginning of the race and sticking to attacking his opponents instead and his inexperience in being a politician

3.2. Arizona

3.2.1. D-Kyrsten Sinema Kyrsten Sinema is a strong woman who has been working hard on providing herself with the life that makes her able to improve the life of fellow Arizonians. This is one of her strengths although one of her weaknesses is that she sometimes is too passionate about her issues. She once went to a protest dressed in a pink tutu and now is getting hammered in ads made by her opponent Martha McSally.

3.2.2. R-Martha McSally McSally has been a member of the U.S military for over 25 years and has had many accomplishments. This is definitely one of her strengths because she can not only have it on her resume but if she does win she has a lot of knowledge in this field. One of her weaknesses is that she had to call out and bash Sinema for an action that had nothing to do with this election which lowers her moral character and questions her confidence.

3.3. California

3.3.1. D-Kevin de Leon Kevin de Leon is currently 51 years old which would make him 34 years younger than Dianne Feinstein which gives him some younger voters due to his better understanding of the younger demographic. He is not as experienced or well known as Dianne Feinstein.

3.3.2. D-Dianne Feinstein Senator Dianne Feinstein has been a politician since 1979 and has a lot of experience and knows the politics of California better than Kevin de Leon. She is the oldest running senator at the age of 85 which distances herself from the younger demographic. She also has some controversy after being a major part in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

4. 6) Rank your candidates on their overall elect-ability and explain how you reached your conclusion.

4.1. Arizona

4.1.1. D-Kyrsten SInema I would rate Sinema as a 9 because if I were a voter I would see her as a motivational person who cares about Arizona very passionately and has some sympathy for her childhood struggles. The only reason I don't give her a 10 is because she doesnt cover or fell to much about a few issues.

4.1.2. R-Martha McSally I would also rate McSally a 9 because of her involvement in the Military may lead a voter to believe that she really cares about this country and Arizona and will do anything in her power to make Arizona a better place. The only reason I don't give her a 10 is because she makes fun of the opposing candidate and lacks some viewpoints on some issues.

4.2. Utah

4.2.1. R-Mitt Romney I would rate Mitt Romney a 9 because he ran for president in 2012. This means his research is very thorough, also his points are very well thought out. He is very thorough on topics of the economy as well as a budget and debt. He could include more information on education.

4.2.2. D-Jenny Wilson I would rate Jenny Wilson a 6.5 in electability. I think she has some viable views, but she doesn't go into near enough detail on her stances on the issues. Her entire argument is based on being opposed to Mitt Romney. Also I think she lacks when it comes to a plan for the economy and budgets.

4.3. California

4.3.1. D- Dianne Feinstein I would rank Dianne Feinstein an 8/10 because she is a very experienced politician that has the support and knowledge of California but she has received a lot of controversy after the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.Her old age also effected her rating because it doesn't match what California wants.

4.3.2. D- Kevin de Leon I would rank Kevin de Leon an 9/10 because of his ability to make his voice heard as the son of an illegal immigrant and his understanding of California's want of a younger more liberal Senator.

5. 7) Before the election took place, which of your candidates do you think would've had a chance at winning and why?

5.1. Michigan

5.1.1. D-Stabenow I think Debbie Stabenow would've won the Senate race because she presents herself as a family-first politician, and projects her image as a the friendly, omniscient neighbor who always gets the job done. She targets issues that are key for most Michigan residents. Stabenow also has extensive experience in the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate supporting her. Due to her past efforts, she has gained the support of the agricultural community, factory workers, and small busnesses.

5.1.2. R-James Although I don't think John James would've won the Senate election, reasons that proves that he could've is because he presents himself as a strong businessman who knows what the economy needs. He's been endorsed by not only President Trump, but also Trump Jr. and his wife, Guilfoyle. He takes pride in his military service and emphasizes American pride, national security and military support. James seems to resonate more with the younger generation and could be favored because Michigan has been rated 'the state in the worst condition', which has been under his opponents' control.

5.2. Vermont

5.2.1. D-Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders has a greater chance of winning the race because he is already familiar with the state rather than his opponent who is not as experienced as he is.

5.2.2. R-Lawrence Zupan Lawrence Zupan’s campaign has came off as an attack on Sanders rather than establishing his views on the issues. This does not settle well with Vermont voters who would prefer to see someone who has clear intentions.

5.3. Arizona

5.3.1. D-Kyrsten SInema Sinema has a good chance of winning because of her struggling childhood and the story in which she tells of her having such motivation to get out of that. She also speaks of herself helping Arizona in every way possible which makes her more likable to voters.

5.3.2. R-Martha McSally I think McSally would be more likely to win because of her involvement in the Military and because of her endorsement by Donald Trump.

6. Introducing the candidates from each state:

6.1. Michigan Senate Race

6.1.1. Democrat Debbie Stabenow Debbie Stabenow has been Michigan’s senator for the last four years, and previously served twelve years in Michigan’s House of Representatives. A few of her accomplishments include many bills that will improve the lives of the people in Michigan, including the Bring Jobs Home Act, Make it in America Act, and the bipartisan 2014 Farm Bill, which is currently being updated in 2018.

6.1.2. Republican John James John James, joined the U.S. Army and served as an aviation officer for eight years until he was honorably discharged. During his military service, he earned a Combat Action Badge and two Air Medals. Upon leaving the military, James returned to Michigan to work in his family business, James Group International. He currently serves as the company’s President.

6.2. Utah Senate Race

6.2.1. Republican Mitt Romney Mitt Romney was the Governor of Michigan before running for president in 2012. In 2012 he was the Republicans candidate. Mitt Romney has a lot of political experience and has put a lot of thought into his views.

6.2.2. Democrat Jenny Wilson Jenny Wilson has been a member of the Salt Lake county council. She has lived in Utah for a long time and feels she is more suitable for the job since she knows Utah better.

6.3. Vermont Senate Race

6.3.1. Democrat Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders has been the senator of Vermont since 2007. He has been involved in politics since the mid 1970s when he ran and was elected as Burlington’s mayor.

6.3.2. Republican Lawrence Zupan Lawrence Zupan does not have a history of being a politician. He has had a long career of being a real-estate broker.

6.4. Arizona Senate Race

6.4.1. Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Kyrsten Sinema has served as a U.S. Representative since 2013. She was elected to Arizona's House of Representatives in 2004, as well as the Arizona Senate in 2010.

6.4.2. Republican Martha McSally Martha McSally has served as a U.S. Representative since 2015. Before her political career, she served as a military officer in the Air Force. McSally was also the first female commander of a USAF squadron.

6.5. California Senate Race

6.5.1. Democrat Dianne Feinstein Dianne Feinstein has been Californian's Senator since 1992 but before then had her as its mayor for a decade. She was the first female senator in California and is currently the oldest senator at the age of 85. Senator Feinstein has been endorsed by Barrack Obama and Joe Biden. She is a who is running for a re-election in the senate.

6.5.2. Democrat Kevin de Leon Kevin de Leon is a Los Angeles born Mexican-American whose mother came to the United States illegally. Kevin de Leon is currently 51 years old and serving in the California State Senate since 2010. He also received the official endorsement from the California Democratic Party.

7. Biggest similarities between all of the candidates.

7.1. Romney and Sanders both have run for President.

7.2. Stabenow and Sanders both have been in their state's Senate for at least four years.

7.3. James and McSally both have served in our military and have been endorsed by President Trump.

7.4. Between the candidates from Michigan, Vermont, and Arizona, each Democratic candidate was seen as having a greater chance of winning the 2018 Senate election.

7.5. Some of these candidates' greatest strengths is that they have political experience.

7.6. All Democratic candidates introduced, have had political experience in some way, shape or form.