The Healing Process

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The Healing Process by Mind Map: The Healing Process

1. Hemostasis: The stopping of a flow of blood. 4 Stages:

1.1. Stage 1: Vasoconstruction. Brief yet intense contraction of blood vessels.

1.2. Stage 2: Platelet plug construction. Platelets form a temporary seal over damaged vessels.

1.3. Stage 3: Coagulation. Blood begins clotting to form a mesh hold for the blood clot.

1.4. Stage 4: Plasmin dissolves clot. Damaged blood vessels slowly release tPA to activate plasminogen.

2. Inflammation: Inflammatory cells debride injured tissue.

2.1. This phase focuses on destroying bacteria and removing debris, attempting to prepare the wound for new tissue growth.

2.2. White blood cells enter the damaged cell to remove bacteria.

3. Proliferative: Focuses to fill and cover the wound.

3.1. Stage 1: Filling the wound

3.2. Stage 2: Contraction of the wound margins

3.3. Stage 3: Covering the wound. (Epithelialization)

4. Maturation: New tissue begins to gain flexibility and strength.

4.1. Collagen fibers reorganize and the tissue remodels/matures.

4.2. This phase often lasts anywhere from 21 days to 2 years depending on severity of damage.