Human Resoures

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Human Resoures by Mind Map: Human Resoures

1. Orientation

1.1. • HR experts help the new employees with accepting the job offer, getting the background check completed and sign up for any programs • Answer any questions that the employee may have • They promote the company by conducting product fairs the help new employees learn more about the product and or services. • They schedule outings, seminars, games and training activities • HR welcomes and engages the new employees • HR makes sure the all employee receives the attention and support that they need • HR experts form any and all checklists, resources and the tools that new and all employees need to have confidence in their workplace

2. Training and Developing

2.1. • Plan and manage programs to make sure that the employees have skills and knowledge • Deliver the training themselves and supervise a team of instructors • Confer any training necessities with departmental heads • Hire training consultants or use programs that are online to help increase the face to face lessons given by the instructors • Make schedules and assign instructors to the different courses • Monitor costs the keep cost within budget • Make progress reports of the employees training for the management teams

3. Retaining and rewarding

3.1. • Attaches employees with the goals of the team • Builds relationship with the employees • Talks to the employees about ideas • Makes sure that the employees have what they need • Communicate with employees often • Encourage all employees to do their best • Appreciate different generations

4. Recruitment

4.1. • Getting with managers that hire to figure out the staffing needs • Look over resumes • Carrying out person and phone interviews • Making arrangements for interviews with the manager that does the hiring • Giving approvals to the manager that hires • Staying followed up on the interview status • Directing exit interviews on employees that got let go