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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Friend Liam: He has a job at the tea store at Orchard Mall--he could recommend me to his employers and help me get a job as well.

1.1. Delegate it

1.2. Postpone it

1.3. if it does not require action, store if appropriate for future reference

2. My Sister Aliya: She plans on becoming a teacher and works at Clubhouse currently. She could help introduce me to administration and teachers and maybe let me shadow her job.

2.1. Her Boyfriend Tomer E.: He works at Fries and he could recommend me to his employers and help me get a job.

3. My Teacher Mr.Mcconnell: He's the psychology teacher and has connections to the psych. department in UBCO and could help to introduce me to the teachers and administration there.

3.1. UBC Psych. Department: They could help me get an internship/find an internship or allow me to shadow some of they’re teachers.

4. My Parents: My dad could let me shadow his work and introduce me to some of the people he works with and help find me an internship in business and my mom knows a lot of people who are active in the community and politics.

4.1. Shikha Hamilton: She has plenty of different connections around California and would be able to help put me in contact with politicians and people from the Brady Campaign, who could further help me find internships or volunteer work around the community.

4.1.1. Jackie Speier: She's a Californian congresswoman, who would be able to help me find internships/put me in contact with other politicians.

5. My Friend Anika: She has a paid internship working with kids and teaching music theory, she could introduce me to the people who she’s interning for and help me possibly get an internship.

5.1. Her Parents (Mrs&Mr Krishnan): They’ve known me for over five years, and they could help get me a letter of recommendation. Plus, they have plenty of connections to politicians as well and could help to introduce me to them/help me get an internship.

5.1.1. Santa J. Ono: He’s the president of UBC, and my friend Anika’s parents could help put me in contact with him and I could find out about intern possibilities.