Year of Driveways

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Year of Driveways by Mind Map: Year of Driveways

1. Long-term: ideally working towards 15% driveways fitted with water bars to make infrastructure a strong part of the culture; immediate demobilization of erosion

2. Demo Project

2.1. Real Fix of multi-issue driveway

2.2. Workshop learning

2.3. Model for future education

2.4. Outcomes

2.4.1. Fix larger water quality issues, educate public through workshops, signage, and community involvement Short term: workshop, group, requires active participation from individuals Long term: signage, individual, passive

2.5. Outputs

2.5.1. immediate demobilization of erosion, signage for passive participants, participation with FWC, workshop with community participation, Amy Picotte +/ other expert present (Natural Shoreland Erosion Control; Lakewise Program, DEC)

3. Education & Outreach

3.1. Workshops

3.1.1. Directed towards Passive Participants

3.1.2. Powerpoint from workshop, webpage

3.2. Outputs

3.2.1. Workshops with community participation, loaded to website for passive learners

3.3. Outcomes

3.3.1. Drawing attention to best practices and working towards creating a culture of change, involving passive participants

4. Direct Implementation

4.1. Direct Nutrient Effect

4.1.1. Driveways for water bars installation Volunteers - TMDL meeting, water bars implemented for grant opportunity, letters of support from active community members

4.1.2. Group installation Educational, "train the trainers"

4.1.3. Help neighbors with installation Providing access to those unable to perform physical labor - elderly, disabled, etc.

4.1.4. Learning to identify issues Educational, "teach the trainer"

4.2. Outputs

4.2.1. Activities & participation

4.3. Outcome

4.3.1. Short-term: "training the trainers", making local experts in the area