US History 2 Lessons Learned

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US History 2 Lessons Learned by Mind Map: US History 2 Lessons Learned

1. Womens progression in the 1920's

2. When the us with world affairs is to a large extent and is hard to stay neutral during the war

3. When Americans buy most things with credit it can hurt them when they need to use their own money

3.1. Women started living an independent life and begun changing socially

4. great depression

4.1. new deal acts werent going through at first

4.2. many new deals helped families provide money for their families

4.3. government provided the new jobs that were included in the new deal acts

5. ***Economics:*** How has economics impacted America & Americans?

5.1. 1920's Working Class

5.1.1. was able to work and still have time to have fun

5.1.2. mass consumption- Americans in more debt when buying more items.

5.2. great depression

5.2.1. when the New Deal acts was created to fix the economic problems, it cost a lot of money and government debt increased.

5.2.2. cause of Great Depression brokers not give out untrustworthy loans, dont overuse soil dont overuse soil for farming; over production banks failed bubble formed: when it becomes inflated debt increase

6. ***Migration*** What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

6.1. Great Migration/ Harlem Renniescance

6.1.1. brings more cultural diversity to the country

6.2. holocaust ww2

6.2.1. America didn't know the extent of the Holocaust and refused many Jews entrance to the country and Hitler was able to keep and kill.

7. ***Leaders & Presidents*** What makes an effective or ineffective leader?

7.1. great depression

7.1.1. fdr was unconstitutional

7.1.2. hoover didn't want government to be involved in citizens lives

7.1.3. fdr tried making new deal acts to help the poor

7.2. END OF WW2- leaders like Hitler who are willing to fight until the end of the war can be challenging to defeat

7.3. ww2

7.3.1. pivital battles

7.3.2. A military leader who is aggressive can only be stopped by aggressively

7.3.3. Having an enemy become an ally promotes competition and harder fighting but can lead to tension after war.

7.4. Vietnam war

7.4.1. Nixon was able to make an agreement but not until after the Lai Massacre which is when American troops killed several civilians. Nixon was able to get American troops out, but not the way he originally planed. The government also lied to American citizens a lot during this war which caused lack of trust.

8. ***Government:*** What is the role and responsibility of the American government?

8.1. causes of world war 2

8.1.1. Totalitarianism- when one leader has too much power, they can do whatever they want if they are not challenged.

8.1.2. Battle of Berlin - When two major Powers are fighting in the same war, the opparent winner will look most powerful

8.2. holocouaust ww2

8.2.1. Since Hitler was in power and kept pushing limits with persecution and no one stopped him he was able to continue what he was doing and kill that many people.

8.3. Great Depression

8.3.1. During bad economic times people seek government for help

8.4. ww2/ pearl harbor

8.4.1. When a country attacks us, we must fight back to show our power and assert ourselves

8.5. great society- when the government decreases taxes and creates large social programs, debt will increase

8.6. Vietnam war

8.6.1. Before Nixon was elected president he promised he would restore laws and provide a new leadership in Vietnam. Although when he became president his plan for Vietnam did not work and went down hill fast. The president had his conversations recorded and talked about how he felt the war wouldn't go well and that he wasn't confident with it. The public then lost trust with the government once Nixon resigned his Presidency.

9. ***Civil Rights:*** To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

9.1. African Americans ww1/ 1920's

9.2. America on the homefront ww2

9.2.1. Disenfranchised groups are needed and want to continue being needed in times when there is a connecting issue

9.3. civil rights protest- when African Americans would do none violent protests they would gain what they wanted.

9.4. Civil Rights Movement- when a radical is introduced to a group that has been the same for years the group will be reluctant to the plan

9.5. Civil Rights Protest- Non violent protests can bring attention to events and make an impact w out hurting anyone physically. Just because an important person dies doesn't mean their ideas will be forgotten

9.6. Black Panthers- If a movement isn' making huge gains it will involve into more radical/ aggressive movements

9.7. The soldiers were nor praised for what they did. They actually felt very forgotten. This caused them to dislike the government and the Vietnam War. The Soldiers held rebellions against the governmetn and some protested by throwing back their

10. ***Technology*** How does technology impact society?

10.1. Communication

10.1.1. Things such as radios helped the nation be aware of things within the whole country and connects us more.

10.1.2. upgrade in amount of cars and were able to travel further

10.2. World war one warfare

10.3. End of ww2

10.3.1. Atomic Bomb- New powerful weapons can quickly end the war when one side has them.

10.4. election- The tv helped Jfk win because it showed what he looked like and how he was during the debate

10.5. Interstate highway system- improves everyday life

11. ***Media*** To what extent does the media influence people? To what extent does the media mirror or reflect society?

11.1. ww2

11.1.1. the media when necessary can be manipulated to serve the greater good by influencing people to aid in war efforts

11.2. Emmett Till- Emmett tills open casket put in a perspective of the ways blacks were treated

12. ***Foreign Relations*** How have foreign entanglements influence America?

12.1. causes of ww2

12.1.1. Treaty of versailles- when there are attempts at blowing one country, conflict will result.

12.1.2. MAGNETT- When all of these causes are present It is likely to cause conflict

12.2. WW1

12.2.1. Because we were already so involved in foreign relations before the war, it was hard to stay neutral when new conflicts arose.

12.2.2. After a war, an effective treaty should be created to keep the peace and avoid future conflict.

12.2.3. Creating a group like the League of Nations isn't a good idea if you suggest it and don't join in it. This suggests that the group holds no power and isn't effective if you don't join it yourself.

12.3. Vietnam war

12.3.1. The Golf of Tonkin messed everything up. America was hit the first day but the second time they were not. The U.S. thought they hit them on the second day but they were wrong. The U.S. responded by launching Operation Rolling Thunder to combat the North Vietnamese which was because of something that never happened.

12.3.2. Thousands of American citizens refused to join the army. Many were higher class and were able to pay their way out of it. The men that were required to join were often middle and low class.

12.3.3. The Vietnam War was not effective because the Vietcong knew the land more then the Americans did and once one side attacked the other countered with another attack that leveled the playing field and put the war back to its starting position

13. Prohibition

13.1. Creating unpopular laws are hard to enforce

13.2. Government tried to ban drugs and alcohol

13.2.1. People rallied back because the wanted the alcohol and people got in jail