US History Lessons Learned

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US History Lessons Learned by Mind Map: US History Lessons Learned

1. Changing laws that have been in effect for many years is not that easy because the public will almost always disagree.

2. Harlom Renisannse

2.1. Immigrants like to live in consolidated areas because they can feel more comfortable around people like themselves. This overall brings more cultural diversity to our country.

3. ***Economics:*** How has economics impacted America & Americans?

3.1. Working Class

3.1.1. More time off and getting paid more = More time for fun.

3.2. 1920s

3.2.1. Demand decreases but supplies stay the same.

3.3. Great Depression

3.3.1. When the New Deal was created to fix the economic problems, it cost a lot of money and government debt increased.

3.3.2. When dealing with an economic depression, creating government funded programs will only put our country into more debt

4. ***Leaders & Presidents*** What makes an effective or ineffective leader?

4.1. Woodrow Wilson

4.2. FDR vs Hoover

4.3. When a country is experiencing a crisis, they will be more likely to vote for someone who has an action plan in effect (Government involvement).

4.4. WW2

4.4.1. A military leader that is aggressive can only be stopped aggressively (appeasement doesn't work.)

4.4.2. Having an enemy become an ally can lead to competition between the two and cause tension between the countries.

4.5. JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis

4.5.1. When a leader that is breaking international law and is not complying to the superior forces, they need to be dealt with immediately

4.6. President Nixon and the Vietnam War

4.6.1. We learned that as president, you cannot lie to the American people about what is happening in our war. People will find out the truth one way or another. Nixon lied about the success of the S.V. fighting the N.V. and says they were able to stand up for themselves. This was not what happened as the S.V. got run over.

5. ***Government:*** What is the role and responsibility of the American government?

5.1. Prohibition

5.1.1. Banning legal drugs that many people use is often times very ineffective and expensive.

5.2. New Deal

5.2.1. The New Deal was not all successful and we learned that aiding citizens with government assistance is pushing our country closer to socialism.

5.3. WW2

5.4. Great Society

5.4.1. When the government decreases taxes and creates large social programs, debt will increase

5.5. End of Vietnam

5.5.1. We learned that if a country goes behind its people's backs and goes against what they support, people will no longer trust the government. We saw this at the end of Vietnam when we finally withdrew from the war and took the loss. Many of the American citizens no longer supported the government and critic ed them for staying in the war for as long as they did. with a approval rating of under 30% at the end of the war, people were very upset with the government. We saw this with the Hippie movement and there march on Washington

6. ***Civil Rights:*** To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

6.1. African Americans WW1/1920's

6.1.1. During times of war civil rights will improve because the minorities will have more opportunities

6.2. Womens Progress 1920's

6.2.1. When one leader uses too much power, they can do whatever they want if not challenged

6.2.2. Women started to challenge the standards and with that they got more freedoms.

6.3. Civil Rights Movement

6.3.1. When people introduce radical ideas to a croup individuals that have been the same for many years, they will be reluctant to change

6.4. assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King

6.4.1. When people die, their ideas do not die out, but only get more popular.

6.5. Black Panther

6.5.1. When a movement is not making great progress, more aggressive tactics will be implemented to try and get results immediately

6.5.2. A force that is put up quickly with radical ideas can go down just as quickly

7. ***Media*** To what extent does the media influence people? To what extent does the media mirror or reflect society?

7.1. Communication

7.1.1. The ability to know what is going on in other parts of world and not having to leave your house.

8. ***Foreign Relations*** How have foreign entanglements influence America?

8.1. World War 1

8.1.1. When the US is tangled in a large amount of foreign affairs, it is hard to stay neutral when a war breaks out.

8.2. WW2

8.2.1. When a treaty is disobeyed by a country, conflict will arise

8.3. Vietnam War

8.3.1. Vietnamazation - We learned that we cannot replace our troops with foreign troops that are too weak to fight the enemy. The whole reason why the Americans had to enter the war was because the South Vietnamese could not stand up to the North Vietnamese. -

8.3.2. We learned that we should never sign a peace treaty if the force we are trying to stop has no intentions of following the treaty. The Paris Peace of Courts was signed to end the war. The N..V. knew that if they got America to ok the treaty that they would leave Vietnam. This made S.V. an easy target and was over run in days. The USA had officially lost and had failed to contain Communism

9. ***Migration*** what causes migration and how does it impact Americans?

9.1. WW2

9.1.1. When a country does not know of the extent or the full reason why immigrants are coming to their country, they will most likely not allow them in.

10. ***Technology*** How does technology impact society

10.1. Radio/New Technology

10.1.1. When you have new technology it connects us all more effectively

10.2. WW1 Warfare

10.2.1. Due to all technological advancements prior to WW1, it changes the way war is fought and the worlds was not ready for it.

10.3. WW2

10.3.1. New powerful weapons can quickly end a war when one side has them.

10.4. Nuclear Bomb

10.4.1. When more and more countries obtain a weapon that halts invasions like the nuke, the more they can function against other countries without the fear of invasion.

10.5. Vietnam war and Lies

10.5.1. We learned that it is impossible to have a president lie anymore with all of the cameras and media people on the battle field seeing exactly what is going on. Nixon's cover up for the Vietnamazation fail did not last long at all and the public found out via reporters.